Husband mom get money,he doesn't like my mom in Life

  • Nov. 4, 2022, 5:53 a.m.
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My husband’s mother Dee has helped us before when we were in tight spots. She has saved us many times from homelessness by paying our rent. She only ask us to pay her back if she is struggling. We havent asked for money in over a year. When my husband said he was giving his mom $300 to help on her house payment I said nothing. I didn’t argue I just caught myself wondering how to survive. His mom is a prideful woman if she ask for help it means she is hard up. I guess I will try to take care of my husband debts for him for him to care for his mom. I now wish I got paid more this paycheck.

I can’t complain after my mothers mental breakdown and schizo-effective episodes she couldn’t live alone. Talan wasn’t thrilled for mom moving into my home. Talan complained and acted like a child he told me to put mom in a nursing home. When I told him feel free to move out and divorce me since he can’t meet me half way after grumbling he moved mom in our house. He said he doesn’t like mom and often is rude and snippy. I told him I won’t turn my back on her. She is my family. Most of the time mom stays in her bedroom and does Soduku puzzles. While Talan is at work my mom and I often watch movies and enjoy one another’s company.

Mom tries to avoid him and at one point debated on moving out. Where to I have no idea. Her home I have been trying to clean by myself. It needs condemned honestly. I work full time at work and clean her house part time. Years of destroying her house can’t be cleaned overnight since I battle this by myself.

Talan doesn’t understand mom being here makes life easier. I can take her to doctors appointments, be sure her medicine is taken and take care of her needs. As long as she takes her medicine and being here in my house I know she is safe. When she lived alone her health was bad and her mental health was horrible. Since she been in my house I often reminds her to take her medicine so her voices happen rarely. Thanks Latuda. That medicine makes mom herself. She isn’t as caring as she once was and cruel to me at times but I assume it’s the schizo-effective.

I am not happy in this life but it’s the only one I got..

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