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  • Oct. 31, 2022, 2 a.m.
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I have heard so many good stories about people taking naps and how much more they can do because of it. Like in Asia they take naps after they eat lunch and then go back to work and work more productively. Me, I take naps because I wake upo so early. Anywhere between 3 am to 6 am and about 10 or 11 am I take a nap and I seem to feel better and less tired.
But then I go and lie down after dinner so maybe that is why I wake up so early. And for me to fall asleep my feet need to get nice and warm and they are always the last part of me to get warm. And I am not really a traveller so I usually stay in one spot unless I get up to pee.
I am not sure if getting whatever the experts say you need is really working because people don’t always get what they want in the way of sleep and more often then not it’s what I call a broken sleep. I do know broken sleep is not good in the long run but it’s what I have been doing for a lot of years and so far I am doing pretty good.
This is something about it…

and this is about taking naps…

Onto something else....

Today I really need to get some laundry done and to get hubby into the work mode for tomorrow. And tomorrow I have a ear doctors appointment and I will maybe get the wax out of my ears and get my ears tested. I have a feeling one of these years I will be getting hearing aids and then I know my hearing will get worse as the years go on. But I would rather loose my hearing then anything else because at least I can still talk and use sign language and come to think of it a lot of my relitves had hearing aids so it can’t be that bad and the size they are no one will know I have them so maybe that is a good thing. But I think hearing aids are just a bandaid for slowing the process of not hearing. But then what do I know?

Onto something else....

Well I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

Last updated October 31, 2022

Sleepy-Eyed John October 31, 2022

Check out ear cleaning corkscrews on Amazon. They're good.

Jodie Sleepy-Eyed John ⋅ October 31, 2022

I have real issues for me personally putting things in my ears.

Sleepy-Eyed John Jodie ⋅ October 31, 2022

It's soft rubber

theKat October 31, 2022

their naps are like 15 to 30 mins... many Americans do the 15 min nap during their lunch... my husband used to all the time

Jodie theKat ⋅ October 31, 2022

It takes me like an hour or more before I fall asleep.

theKat Jodie ⋅ October 31, 2022

you probably don't need a nap then...

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