Thursday in A Day in the Life

  • Sept. 29, 2022, 9:32 a.m.
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I just e-mailed my oldest sister from Wheeling, WV. I asked her if she could come up for the day, next month. It is always good to see her. I get to do a lot of shopping, as well.
Bear had physical theHe rapy, this morning. I have been trying to reach him, to see how he is doing, with no success. He may be resting. He is beginning to venture out of his room, in the evenings. He goes down to the facility’s community room to read, and to listen to his audio books. He has four books lined up to buy, this month. Right now, he is reading a history book about the country after the civil war. He said that he is enjoying it very much.
My case manager phoned me, this morning to see how I was doing. She asked me if I needed anything. I asked her if we could make a WAlmart trip, next week. She is taking me on next Wednesday. :) It is nice to have her support. It means more to me than she could ever possibly know, just knowing that there is someone out there that is concerned about my well-being.

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