Monday, Monday... in A Day in the Life

  • Sept. 19, 2022, 10:38 a.m.
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This morning, I see the cardiologist at 10:15 am. I moved through my morning routine, trying to be as quiet as possible. I am getting a good shower and shampoo at 6am. I have not yet heard from Bear, this morning. He must still be sleeping.
Oldest daughter found out that I gave youngest daughter $35 to take me to Walmart, a little over a week ago. They are now feuding. Youngest daughter phoned me, yesterday afternoon. She was very irate. I think that they may both end up being upset with me, leaving me with no way of getting to the store. I explained to oldest daughter that it is worth it, to me to pay youngest daughter $35 for coming all the way from Stratton, Ohio to Weirton, West Virginia. I also mentioned to oldest daughter that youngest daughter goes with me around the store, assisting me as needed. She also loads and unloads my merchandise. I explained to oldest daughter that it is well-worth it to pay her. Oldest daughter sent youngest daughter a text, stating that she should not be accepting payment for taking me to the store, being that I am on a fixed income. It is a hot mess.

❤️vee September 19, 2022

if your oldest daughter lives nearby, I'd ask if she'd like to take you around Walmart and help you out for the same amount of money. it's not worth fighting for over $35!

chocolatechip ❤️vee ⋅ September 19, 2022

vee, thank you for your note. My oldest daughter wouldn't accept money from me, because I am on a fixed income.

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