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This is my most favorites day of the week. It’s because the week is done and the next two days there is not much to do unless I think of something to do. And this Friday is really no different then any other day really, but just knowing that hubby will have his weekend started after tomorrow it makes me feel like I won’t be alone and talking to myself. I mostly ask myself where I put something and then I look and there it is. You think I would remember where I put it but it’s not always where it should be.

Onto something else…

The rain has come and made everything wet and a lot cooler so now maybe summer is over and the Fall has come? Hubby told me that he wants to start wearing his heavier jacket so I need to go fish that out of the closet and put the other one away for the rest of the year. And maybe I should start wearing my heavier jacket also? I really like the idea of the seasons changing because each one brings out different colors and they are always so nice to see.

Onto something else…
I have a really stupid question to ask because I think I know better but I am being told something different.
The land lady told me that if i put a fan facing the cupboard the mold will dry and then there won’t be such an issue. But I am thinking that the particles of the mold will end up in the air and that will be worse then it staying in the bathroom? And she also says that there probably isn’t much if any to tare apart the vanity and replace it? And my mom says I should use straight bleach on what I can see. And I can’t get a new vanity because I don’t pay enough rent to warrant it and she can’t afford it? So I am thinking maybe it’s time to move and find somewhere different to live? I think this is something I need to talk to hubby about and see what he thinks.
You think I should try the straight bleach or just listen to the land lady and use the fan for a while? But how long does it take something you can’t see to dry?
I just wish I could pay someone to come and fix this and get whatever new things I need then I wouldn’t have to go through all of this. I just hope hubby and I don’t get anymore breathing issues from this.
I just hope I am not right about all of this. I hate being right because they I have to say “I told you so”.

Onto something different…

Question? Do you know what bird or birds are the smartest?
This is what I found....

Okay on that note I will stop here…

Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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Beret September 16, 2022

Using a fan would probably spread the mold spores which are things you can't see. I would think you would end up inhaling the spores. A question you should consider or think about is what is there you can't see? What is underneath the cabinet? Mold can cause serious health issues.

Jodie Beret ⋅ September 16, 2022

I know and I told the land lady that and she thinks there is nothing there because under the vanity there is cement. And I did try the fan but it's still too tall and very dangerous to walk into the bathroom and out so that is a no go....I think it's best to wait and see how bad it gets and then tell her I told her so...

~*~Sambuca Kitten~*~ September 17, 2022

Hey Jo, Sammy here, mold is bad and you are right. Your landlady is screwed up. 😕

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