The Smell Of Mold in Help Me Please

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Now my bathroom cupboard smells like Pine Sol and mold/mildew and I have no idea of how to get rid of the smell because it’s somewhere where I can not get at it. So now I have to tell the land lady and she will tell me to use some other liquid like bleach and I will have to tell her that is fine but I can’t get to the source of the issue. And I just read that there is another way but it’s bleach and water. But what is the point if I can’t get to the source?
The thing I don’t get is why my landlady would fix it if this was happening in her home but won’t fix it here where I am paying to live here? And when stuff does need to be fixed it’s always a waiting game to have her come down and fix it. She tells me to tell her when something needs foxing but it always takes her a day or two and I don’t get that. The least she can do is phone and ask me how bad the issue is.
If it were me I would be phoning professionals and asking them to come and have a look and tell me how much it’s going to cost and get this done as soon as possible. But then that is me. I just wish I knew where the source of this mold is because then I would be able to at least try to get rid of the smell. But not knowing and just doing the parts I can see isn’t doing much. But then what do I know I am just a tenant who is not a very good house keeper. But that is besides the point.
I think the land lady should come down once a year just to make sure everything is working the way it needs to work and if there are any issues with anything they can get fixed sooner rather then later.
The worst part of renting is that you get blamed for a lot of what needs to be fixed. Like the land lady told me that the mold is my fault because I didn’t tell her about the leak at day one. But what happened was my brother in law found the leak and told hubby about it and then right away I took everything out and asked hubby how to get rid of the mold. So when the land lady did come down three days later she told me to use water. So I did and that didn’t do much. then I used peroxide and water and that did a tiny bit and the spots are now a lighter color. Then I used full strength pine sol and now it smells like pine sol and mold so I thought about it and figured out I need to get to the source of the mold but i can’t because the bottom of the cupboard has to be taken out. And it’s also warped. So I think I will send an e-mail to the land lady and tell her this but first I want to hear what hubby has to say.
Okay enough about this....

Onto something else…

Today I am going to be getting a Wal Mart order and I did ask for bags or a box and that I would pay for them so lets see if that happens. I am betting ten to one that it won’t. And tomorrow I am getting another grocery order and this one will come in boxed and I will get a receipt from the cashier so that will be good. I wish Wal mart would do that. The only reason I do shop at Wal Mart id because some of their things are cheaper and I can get more for my dollar. Other wise I don’t get much from them.

I should do some laundry and get this places semi cleaned.
And for dinner tonight I am thinking chicken. Just roasted chicken and maybe zucchini or carrots and some sort of pasta.

Well I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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