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Well it looks like my landlady is making go through these steps to get rid of the smell of mold in my bathroom cupboard and so far nothing is working. I tried wiping it with water and peroxide and using nil Oder and now I am going to try pine sol when I get some later today. But I noticed that the bottom of the cupboard is all warped and there is black on the edges and the sides so it looks like it’s a much bigger issue but hubby and the landlady don’t see it that way. And when this new fan gets put together I was told to aim it at the inside of the cupboard to try out the mold. But I know that will just make it worse because the dried particles will be blown everywhere else and that is not good. I think the only solution is to re-build the whole cupboard and use things that are not moldy. But she doesn’t want to do that and told me it won’t be done. I am thinking she doesn’t want to pay the money for it or take the time to re-build it again. But I would be hiring someone to do that so it gets done right and fast. So all of my stuff from the bathroom is in a corner of my dining room .
The thing I don’t understand is why the landlady wouldn’t want to get rid of the mold quickly so it doesn’t have to be dealt with again. And I do know that this will get worse before she will actually see my point. So if this pine sol doesn’t work I will be telling her something else has to be done and see what she says. But then I am just a tenant so what do I know? And she is the one with the money and can fix this. So it’s a wait and see game. I hate these games.

Onto something else…

Last night we ordered in Chinese and it was pretty good. And there is still left overs so hubby will have that for lunch today. And I am not sure what to have for dinner but it will be something fast and easy. Maybe boxed fish? And French Fries and corn on the cob.
And we are going to go do some shopping today and hubby is getting his third booster. I still have to wait for my invite.
And the other day I got the information and what I need to do to vote by mail for a mayor so maybe that will get done later today also. Or maybe I just won’t vote?
The thing with voting is that it doesn’t matter who wins they still do stupid things and people call them names and then people get tired of them and wants them out. I don’t think there has ever been a great politician ever. Except for the Queen it seemed that she never did anything stupid or wrong and that is why she is liked so much by the people of the world. I will miss her and can only hope that Charles is just as good or better then she ever was.

Onto something else…

I get these sent to my e-mail everyday and some of them are really interesting and I was wondering if this is true about where you live?

Okay on this note I will stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

Last updated September 12, 2022

Anaiss September 12, 2022

Check the law in the area in which you live. In most areas, including in Canada, a landlord is REQUIRED to deal with a mould problem. It is a health issue. Check into that to see what your options are. Your landlady is being very negligent and possibly breaking the law. It's her responsibility to deal with it, not yours. In the meantime take pictures of it and document what she has done, what she has refused to do, and what she is requiring you to do.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ September 12, 2022

We are going to be trying Pine Sol.. Hubby says that is to work for sure so we will try that and if not then I think I will be calling the tenant people and ask what to do next.

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