Headaches Really Suck in Help Me Please

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  • Sept. 7, 2022, 2 a.m.
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The big one. Am I the only one who wakes up with headaches? There are times when I don’t but so far this is day two and I don’t like it. But the prescription I do take for them works well most of the time. So I only need to take two pills. But they say if you have more then 4 headaches a month and they last 4 hours or more then it’s a migraine. I am not sure I actually have those but they do go for about 4 days and usually within 2 hours after I take my pills for the headache it’s gone. The headaches I do get doesn’t stop me from doing things and I don’t need to be in a dark place And even though I feel hot and sweaty I don’t have a temperature so that is good also. So maybe I am lucky that way.
Okay enough about me and my headaches…
Onto something else…

I have decided that I am not going to worry so much about being the perfect anything. I am just going to do my best and that will be good enough. Because every time I try to do things perfectly I fail so I am just going to do my best. And maybe then I won’t hate myself for much for failing? But I still have to learn how to like myself and not be so grossed out at the way I look and feel. People do say I have good qualities but I have never believed them and have always been really negative but come to think of it who am I to judge what others think because they see differently then I do. Maybe appearance is in the eye of the beholder? maybe people really do like me and the way I look? Maybe looks have nothing to do with anything and it’s all about how I feel? Maybe as long as I am not naked then I am cute and funny and full of energy? Maybe I need to stop caring about what I think I look like and maybe more people will like me better and like what they see?

Onto something else....

You remember when you were a child and your parents had the Sunday paper and in it there was always the colored comics? When I could actually read and understand the comics I tried to be the first one to read them. I had a few favorites and today they are still my favorites.




And there was also Ann landers I always thought she was the expert on relationships and everything else that needed to be fixed. I started to read her when I was about 10 and even though I didn’t always understand what she was saying I always thought it was really cool how some people wanted their dirty laundry out in the open so others could help them also.

This is her…


Onto something else…

I have been awake for about an hour and my head feels much better so maybe today I will get what needs to get done. Done.

I am thinking something to do with ground beef or maybe pork chops for dinner tonight?
Well, it’s that time where I stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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Beret September 07, 2022

Are you drinking enough water? Often waking up with a headache is because you are dehydrated.

Jodie Beret ⋅ September 07, 2022

Yeah I have been drinking more water, but maybe not enough?

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