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  • Sept. 3, 2022, 8 a.m.
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Often hurt our feelings or our being? Is it because we already know and someone has also figured it out? And when we deny it we get all upset and call that person toxic or a horrible person?
This is how friendships and relationships are severed and frayed and there is no fixing them unless we admit to ourselves and the others that they are right and we are the ones who need to change. And when we do change others will change and not even realize it until it’s too late. And this is how friendships and relationships become stronger and more unbreakable.
The two most important parts of any tow person relationship is loyalty and communication and with out those it’s what I call a fake everything. And the only person who is going to suffer is you. The other person will just walk away without saying a word.
The worst kind of people I know are the ones who will use you for anything and everything and then when life changes they never call you or try to contact you. And if you lent them money forget it you will never get it back. And the worst part is if they die then you will never get it back. This has happened to me and I just dealt with it and paid it back with some help from the bankruptcy people. And now I have excellent credit. But the hardest part is being stupid enough to lend that money and not knowing if you will ever get it back. And even signing an IOU doesn’t help either.
I think this is why the so called friends I did have years ago I no longer have them as friends. Except for one. That person did pay me back and I am very grateful for that.
The best kinds of friends to have are those you can call up and go for coffee or lunch or something with and just spend that time with them playing catch up.
The truth is because I have lost so many friends over the years I have decided that I am not actively looking for anymore. The ones I do have I have had for a lot of years and we have something in common. And those are the best kind of friends to have.

Onto something else…

Well my glasses will be ready in about two weeks so I will be able to see and read a bit better. And I found out Walmart does not have any fans for sale and probably will be getting their heaters in soon. But I am looking at other stores I know have them.
And the grocery shopping went really well…I did spend too much but then I got most of what I wanted. But the thing with Walmart it’s sometimes hard to tell what you bought because they use a lot of abbreviations and I don’t know a lot of them so I am just guessing. And they will put your groceries into your bags if you being them and if you buy theirs they will also bag your stuff. I like that.

Onto something else....

Tonight’s dinner is going to be pork chops and either broccoli or zucchini and some sort of rice or noodles. Not very exciting but it’s food and it will go in and it will come out and that is what I am looking for.

Onto something else....

This is where I am going to stop and start my day…
Do have a great day....
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

Last updated September 03, 2022

theKat September 03, 2022

I think we are friends! we have been for around 20 or more years

Jodie theKat ⋅ September 03, 2022

I know and we are so great because we have never borrowed money from each other...

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