I See Said The Blind Man in Help Me Please

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  • Sept. 2, 2022, 8 a.m.
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Do you really know what the meaning of this is? Or do you think it’s offensive and shouldn’t be said? I have always thought this was sort of a joke but now I know it isn’t and it’s not derogatory either.
This is what it means and the story behind it…


And there is another joke that a man is walking by some hookers and he says “Good Morning Girls” and that is suppose to be because they smell like fish. But I think that is just mean to say. But when I did learn this I was like 8 and I thought it was funny.
My how I have grown up and matured....

There is more lines like this and this is what I found…


How do you react when someone says something racists or derogatory to you? Do you tell them it’s not nice or do you say nothing and just remember that they are pigs? I think there are more then a few racists comments a person can make for each culture and each race and I don’t think that is right to say to their face. I always try to be polite and kind when I am with someone even if I have issues with them.

Onto something else…

My son didn’t end up coming yesterday but said he will when he gets more money. He doesn’t get very much money but he has enough for his rent and food and his phone bill so at least he gets the important things paid.
And today I get to go to one of my favorite malls and get my new glasses done. I am using some frames that I have had already because the prices of frames have gone up so much and I don’t think I really need to spend $100.00 on frames. So these glasses will cost me nothing which is good. And I will also be getting a new fan and some groceries especially fruit. It’s getting really boring eating cherries and oranges and mangos everyday. So hopefully there is some fruit that will be a decent price. And then I will come home and put everything away and maybe take a nap depending on when I get back.
Dinner last night was really good and I will make it again. I like meals like that because then it gives me more choices. I just need to remember what they are called.

Onto something else…

Tonight’s dinner is left overs and I am not sure what I will be having. Maybe nothing depending on how I feel.

Well I need to stop here and start thinking about putting some clothes on because going out naked would look funny, especially since I am so fat.
So do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be safe and Behave.

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Park Row Fallout September 02, 2022

Thank you for sharing. It is interesting. And certainly ableist though it seems "ableist language" is one of the last groups of language people want to consider. The way this expression was "taught" to me was always "I see,' said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw." It was a way to teach how words have many meanings and can create interesting sentences. But still, even there, ableist and there are better ways of doing it.

Jodie Park Row Fallout ⋅ September 02, 2022

I know there are better ways of saying everything and that is why we always put out feet into our mouth or up our asses....But sometimes you have to be blunt just to get your point across and that is sad.

Wit' or witout September 03, 2022

Check out glasses/frames on: zenni.com

Jodie Wit' or witout ⋅ September 03, 2022

I have found a brand new place that was advertised on TV it's called specsavers.ca and they seem to have the cheaper prices for glasses.

crystal butterfly September 06, 2022

I get my eyes checked on Thursday. I know it will be an expensive day. But I know I've needed new lenses for quite awhile now.

It is amazing how words can have so many different meanings.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ September 06, 2022

Does your insurance pay for them or some of them? Like80%?

crystal butterfly Jodie ⋅ September 06, 2022

Because I am type 2 diabetic my exam is covered. I had insurance that helped with the frames, but decided I was paying more for the insurance than it was paying for anything so I stopped getting it.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ September 06, 2022

Oh...My insurances covers about 68.00 for the frames and all the cost for my prescription. So this is why I have used a pair of frames I have had.

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