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  • Sept. 1, 2022, 8 a.m.
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They say you need at least water to live and this is true. But you also need the vitamins and minerals so your body can function and keep things working. The only way to lose weight is to eat less and stay away from the high carbs and the salt and the sugar. But then they say everything in moderation. But it’s hard when your favorite foods are these things. I don’t know anyone who will eat a whole bowl of blueberries rather then a bag of chips or that chocolate bar. But if you notice you feel much better when you eat fruit and proteins and vegetables then you do these other things. With me when I eat a whole bag of chips or a box of cereal I don’t want to eat anything else but I do force dinner down and then I feel even more gross then I felt before. I just wish there was a way where I can eat just what I need and not go over board. Has anyone figured that out yet? But maybe this in one of life’s lessons that we are suppose to learn but won’t till it’s too late.
I have a question for the men…
Do you really care what you look like and do you worry about your weight? I know I get depressed when I am over weight and I feel like a failure and wonder why I did this to myself.
I have a question for all you women…
Why is it we are always trying to be that perfect weight and then eventually we just don’t care what we look like? I think our weight is the number one trigger for out depression and I have realized that we shouldn’t worry too much about our weight and just accept that is what we are and the chances of having that perfect weight and that perfect body will never happen. And is it really one of those mountains we want to die on? Why is it we can not just accept us for us and leave it at that? Why do we need to look perfect? I am not sure that anyone else but us really cares they just love us for what and who we are already. I think weight is all about attitude and we need to just accept it no matter what so we can be happy and do what we love.

Speaking of food I am going to be making ,,,,

And I have everything for this and the picture looks really good.
I really prefer these one dish meals and then the mess isn’t all that bad to clean up.

Onto something else…
I told my son to come after 12 and he will stay till after the news and then go home. I have some stuff for him to take if he wants it but he told me the other day that he has to share a fridge and freezer so he can’t have much. I just hope he has enough to eat.

Onto something else…
Well it’s going to be another heat wave for the rest of the week but I do need to go get my new glasses and I will do that Friday or Saturday. And I will also do some grocery shopping for the things we are running out of. And hubby wants me to get a fan so I will do that also. It’s so dangerous when hubby lets me go to the mall or grocery shopping alone because I always get things that are not on the list and then he tells me we don’t need them. And he really dislikes the extra money I spend. But then when I go I always get the better quality or what I think is the better quality and then he never says anything about the good stuff that is on the list. I prefer if we both go together then we get everything on the list.

Onto something else…
I still haven’t cut the grass yet but as soon as I see the temperature down to something that isn’t too hot then I will do it. Other then the grass needing done there isn’t much else. Except maybe the regular domestic stuff I do daily.

Well, it’s that time where I need to stop here…
Do Have a great day..
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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KPink September 07, 2022

I wish I figured it out. I do get very bloated and uncomfortable when I eat food I know is bad for me. I know this. and yet, I still do it. smh

Jodie KPink ⋅ September 08, 2022

Sometimes I get so frustrated I wish I could just take a knife and cut away part ofmy fat just so i feel better about myself.

KPink Jodie ⋅ September 08, 2022

me too!

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