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  • Aug. 31, 2022, 6:58 a.m.
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I was just looking at my primary email account, the ‘real’ one and not the Gmail account I just use to sign up for things. I have sent less than 10 real emails this YEAR from it.

My junk account has maybe 20, most of which have to do with some kind of a transaction or me just forwarding an attachment.

My incoming phone call log, which goes back through June, has - other than spam calls and business stuff (calls from the pediatrician’s office, the dentist, etc) - almost nothing.
-A time 3 weeks ago when my mom called me several times in a row (but only wanted to know if I was coming over for lunch the next day)
-A couple of times H called me for reasons unknown
-Call from a church friend on 7/14

My texts have messages in the last several months from maybe 10 distinct real people.

Am I just really isolated? I know people use social media to communicate more these days and I’ve been pinned down from most social life with a newborn but it’s weird.

I don’t feel disconnected from people, but maybe I am?

Telstar August 31, 2022

Just think...............

A few years ago we didn't have email OR text messaging.

How did we survive?

martian princess September 03, 2022

I only talk to two people regularly (my twin and my boyfriend); any more and I'd be overwhelmed. I'm mega introverted.

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