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  • Aug. 30, 2022, 2 a.m.
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How to make everything I cook ready at the same time. It’s only taken 59 years but I have nailed it and whatever I am cooking comes out way better and everyone likes it much better. Oh and there is a lot less burned foods.
What I have been doing is taking the item that takes the longest and starting to cook that first then go down the line. Like for breakfast you start with the hash browns first because they are usually frozen. And then I will start the bacon a few minutes later and then the eggs and if it’s timed right it comes out perfect unless one of the fried eggs breaks which is still okay. But the best thing is to follow a recipe if you have one because then when you add what is needed it all is done within the time you want to eat it. I think cooking is an art and has to be done the right way or it just looks bad because the prestation is always the wrong colors and that is not a good thing. I enjoy cooking and baking but I am not really all that good at it. And I will never be one of those great chefs’ but what I do make I am good at that and I do make a lot of different things that are for the most part really good and I will make them again and again.

Onto something else…
I told my son when he was here that if he ever wants to come and hang out with me he is more then welcome but then he will have to go when or before hubby gets home. The reason for that is because hubby gets home around 9:00 pm and will want to eat dinner and with my son here he just doesn’t want that. And my son says that is okay because he will be here to be with me and spend time with me. So I think he will be coming here on Thursday for the day and when he does come I will feed him. So it will be nice to spend time with just my son.

Onto something else…

The one toy I really miss not having is a BBQ for days like today where it’s a heat wave because otherwise the ideas of what to have for dinner is very limited because the oven makes the room more hot than what it is already. So the only toys I can use is my electric fry pan or my electric grill and what I know how to make is very limited. But we do eat pretty good with the selected options for cooking.
For dinner yesterday I made steak and what I call fake rice and frozen peas and I used my electric grill and it all turned out really good. Except the steak was left on a tiny bit too long but it was still good. Tonight I am thinking my Shrimp and spaghetti dish or if hubby has any better ideas then he will tell me. But usually he eats what ever I make and doesn’t really complain much.

Onto something else…
The grass didn’t get cut yesterday just because it was too hot but I think I can do it myself one of these days when it’s not so hot.

Onto something else…
Well, it’s that time where I stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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