Comment Encounter With A Conspiracy Theorist in Humor

  • Aug. 7, 2022, 4:27 p.m.
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I posted a meaningful sort of meme on here about school shootings and Texas and was surprised that someone thought I was very ignorant because I did not know that it was all a big conspiracy to make people afraid. At first I thought they were joking then I looked at some things they had written and a belief that Liberals are “Stupid”. I decided not to argue and blocked them. Yeah sure, those funerals in Uvalde were all fake and part of a big conspiracy. Sure, all school shootings are fake and part of some nefarious government plot to control people and the earth is flat, there was no moon landings and there were multiple assassins for JFK. Ah and let’s not forget that Ukraine is a Fascist paradise and Russians are fighting stealing torturing butchering and raping for their freedom. I don’t argue with such people. I hope I never have to share a small room with them.

Sho August 07, 2022

Do not argue with idiots. Good rule.

Scott Sho ⋅ August 07, 2022

At 67, every minute means more since I know I have so few left. Thank you sir.

Asenath Waite August 09, 2022

"Never Wrestle with a Pig. You Both Get Dirty and the Pig Likes It."

I gave up on debating with conservatives a long time ago. They're the human equivalent of slabs of granite. They like being deluded and ignorant.

Scott Asenath Waite ⋅ August 09, 2022

Oh I did not know that about slabs of granite...

Asenath Waite Scott ⋅ August 09, 2022

LOL I love your literal interpretation.

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