Marijuana honey to treat migraines? in Life

  • Aug. 6, 2022, 11:07 p.m.
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Since my stroke last year I have been desperate to have just one day without a migraine. Tonight my head hurt so bad that my husband took CBD and Delta 8 that he bought at Coalfield Cannabis and made Cannibus honey and mixed it with iced coffee. He was trying the best he could to cover the flavor. It was so gritty from the marijuana being in it I was conflicted about chewing the coffee. Tonight I was so depressed I was talking about debating suicide. My husband knows I won’t act on it but my depression was just that bad. My husband is hoping the Cannibus coffee improves my mood and gets rid of my headache. I am going to go to bed before the after effects kick in. I normally use CBD drops to treat my migraines and I also use nurtec. Sadly so far nothing works. I need to investigate some herbal remedies to get rid of the pain.

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