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  • Aug. 5, 2022, 12:38 a.m.
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I read so much saber-rattling from different places these days it gets to be dry news to me. I read the different views and wait to see what may happen. Or not.

China has been mouthing off about invading Taiwan for a very long time. They have got so they sound a lot like North Korea threatening war to get attention.

Some interesting things read today were that China has a small window to invade due to their economy seems to be having some problems. They have been rearming like the USA did at the outbreak of WWII. If they did a shock invasion with hundreds of thousands thrown at Taiwan, they would take massive losses IF they did win. Taiwan has been described as a “Defenders Paradise” with it’s mountainous terrain. China would have to hit Taiwan hard and fast before the USA or any others could get into the fight. If the USA DID have time to get into the fight then it would be something that would make the Ukraine war look like a schoolyard fight. Those beginning to lose might get desperate and start tossing nukes around. Putin has recently said that if China were to attack Taiwan, Russia would jump in and help stop any outsiders from jumping in to help. Tied up in Ukraine and having manpower and materials shortages, they could maybe offer oil and nukes. Oh shit do the Russians love their fucking nukes! IF China were to attack, I suspect that Japan would try to help Taiwan. The Aussies would take a bit of time to get there IF they entered the fray. Such a war would put the world into a deep depression IF it could end without the use of nukes. I have read that the USA has a lot of outdated ships and are in a rebuilding process now that will take a few years. Opportune time for China to be super assholes.

It’s a weird time for dictators. Recently read about how the Serbs are talking about “Denazifying the Balkans” which means making war for a greater Serbia. Similar to what Russia is now doing. We have the standard bullshit from NK and China is talking same old shit badass every day. No matter if they win or lose, they will lose in a war. Economically. USA and others will adapt to being more self sufficient. Biden is trying to get more companies in the USA to make semiconductors. Yes, China is an economic powerhouse but they will be an asshole nation like Russia is now. The majority of what I read about the Russian economy IS that the sanctions ARE biting hard but they are trying to put on a lying face about it.

When the Ukraine war started I feared WWIII. Then I got analytical about it and just did not care. I know there are back channels between American and Russian leaders. No great diplomacy but if shit is about to go very apocalypse, they will talk. But if the world does go WWIII? Fuck it. We all have to die someday and there are so many horrible ways to die. But shit happens. It makes me laugh when people talk about God and Prayer.

Sho 4 days ago

I agree with your analysis of the possible China attack on Taiwan -- a defender's paradise. I doubt Japan, Oz or the USA would get into it directly.

Scott Sho ⋅ 4 days ago

USA does have a tendency to stumble into things. One thing noted in 1 article I read recently is that the USA has many bases in that area and IF there was a war China would hit them hard. The Americans talk big about defending Taiwan but that whole WWIII nuke thing is something I am sure they keep in mind. Thanks for your comment!

Asenath Waite 4 days ago

It sort of feels like we're all on the deck of the Titanic, waiting to see if the ship might veer a little more to the left this time. But even if it does, the permafrost is still melting, and the ocean is still acidifying, and rainforest continues to be cut down. So we might have the answer to the Fermi paradox. (That is, the lack of evidence for intelligent extraterrestrial life, despite the numbers of potentially habitable planets in the universe.) Maybe most or all intelligent species simply destroy themselves before they can get anywhere.

It's hard to feel bad for the loss of a species that insists on repetitively shooting itself in the proverbial foot.

Scott Asenath Waite ⋅ 4 days ago

I keep it simple and blame the right-wing for everything. That Tucker Carlson gave me diarrhea by breathing the air of this planet!

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