Fixed car,binging tv shows,cirkul flavors in Life

  • Aug. 1, 2022, 10:49 p.m.
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Today my husband and I got my car towed to the mechanic. Mom decided to stay home and sleep. The mechanic said the battery needed replaced it was old and far to small for the car. We bought a battery off of the mechanic and I delivered a battery terminal to the mechanic so he could repair the battery terminal. The car now works wonderfully. Thank God.

My husband Talan arranged with his boss to come in later after the repairs to the car. Talan and I watched videos on TikTok and enjoyed spending time together. I took him to work after the car was fixed.

I came home to my mother after checking the mail she wanted to sleep so I watched Virgin River. I needed to sleep but thanks to pms I didn’t get to rest. I am currently watching the TV show Good Witch. I wish Hallmark had more Halloween shows. I love the way they write this one.

I love my cirkul. At Walmart I lucked out and found Life Sip Watermelon flavor. I bought 4 of them so I could share them with my mom. I have a hard time finding the flavors at Walmart. I really need to start ordering them online. I hope to try the variety of their flavors. I think tomorrow I will ask my mom to look online to see what flavors we can try together.. I try to find fun experiences even if it is just trying new flavors to enjoy.

I wish I could say life is fascinating…it isn’t. Me and my cats are watching Good Witch. It amazes me how focus Coal the blue Russian tuxedo cat is watching the TV screen on focused. At least I have someone to enjoy tv with.

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