The Big 59 in Help Me Please

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  • July 29, 2022, 8 a.m.
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So today is my birthday with the other million and a half of the world who are also celebrating but not with me just beside me so to speak.
I don’t feel any different then I did yesterday or the day before but maybe later I will feel my age.
So today is all about me but there is one thing I am going to do and that is “let hubby watch the football game because his team is playing and I think they are not doing so good. So he is hooping they start winning. And I will be wanting to order in for dinner because I am not cooking anything and I don’t want anyone else to do it because the mess will be even more and I don’t want that.
And my son will be here for breakfast but it will be more like brunch but that will work out well. And then before I go for my nap I will be opening my presents. So I will have some ne kitchen toys to use. And I want to give my son some of the ones I don’t like so he has some he can use. And I will also give him some freezer surprises that I have forgotten about.
I really like it when he is here and he is always good company even when he is watching tv with hubby or playing on his phone or laptop. Because when I think of something to say I can just say it.

Onto something else…

It’s already 6:00 am and it’s already 65 degrees out and it’s going to get even hotter in a few hours.
Because it’s my birthday I am going to try to get these hot temperatures outlawed and make them cooler so people don’t have to waste more electricity. I wonder how well that will go? Anyone with me?
Here is a question? Those who have breathing issues how are you all doing in this heat? I don’t have breathing issues but I do feel run down and have no energy and can’t sleep as well as I use to. I am waking up even more and drinking a lot of water. The one thing I should do but won’t is have a cool shower because it feels too cold for me and they do say hot water like coffee and tea and showers make you feel cooler.

Onto something else…

I told hubby yesterday that once this weather cools down to what I call “normal” temperatures I am going to be making him meals fit for a king because now I am just trying to keep the kitchen cooler so we have been using my electric fry pan and my electric grill and the top of the stove. And I am running out of ideas of what to have really fast. There was one day where we had sockeye salmon sandwiches just because it was that hot. And we have also been having a lot of frozen boxed stuff and last night we had hotdogs and French fries that took all of 5 minutes to heat up so it was a semi good dinner. I just wish I could come up with better dinners. But so far we are not starving so that is a good thing.

Well it’s time I stop here....
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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raeven July 29, 2022

Happy birthday. What kind of food do you want to order?

Jodie raeven ⋅ July 29, 2022

We are going to be ordering Pizza tonight...want some? There will be left overs and what kind do you like?

raeven Jodie ⋅ July 30, 2022

I like pickled jalapeno, pineapple, and mushrooms.

Jodie raeven ⋅ July 30, 2022

Pickled? Never heard of it...Is it still hot and spicy?

raeven Jodie ⋅ July 30, 2022

Yes, although some are hotter than others.

A Pedestrian Wandering July 29, 2022

Happy Birthday!

Jodie A Pedestrian Wandering ⋅ July 29, 2022

Thank you so much

Anaiss July 29, 2022

Happy Birthday! 59 is still really young. I'm going to be 70 soon and I feel younger than 59. Or maybe, well, I don't know. early 50's.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ July 29, 2022

Thank you so far it's been a great day..

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