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  • July 28, 2022, 2 a.m.
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You remember that song that Annie sung in that play?

This is it…

So tomorrow is the big 59 for me and I am sort of looking forward to the day. But there will be another heat wave so it will be hot. What was it I said about three weeks ago?
I was always lucky because I didn’t have to go to school and I didn’t have to invite all my class mates to my party because they were all on holidays with their families. And I didn’t ever get thrown into the showers or given the birthday bumps, so it was always a good birthday. But that was when I was young and now that I am old and gray it just seems like another day in the life of Jodie.

Onto something else…

Tonight for dinner we are going to be having hotdogs and French fries that take 5 minutes so it won’t be too bad in here. And last night we had some frozen shrimp that had a coating on it and I didn’t like it too much so there is left overs for hubby. And tomorrow it will be pizza. I like to have at least one vegetable on my pizza and one or two meats and lots of cheese.

Onto something else…

Did I mention that I really hate the summer? It’s just too hot for my liking but I know it could be a lot worse like living in Africa would be worse. But still it hot and I don’t like it.

One of my internet friends husband is having a birthday to day and I would like to wish him a happy birthday. I hope you have a great day “L”.

Onto something else…

Well I need to stop here and start my hot day…It’s already 64 and I need to do what I can before it gets to be more then 80.
Do have a great day..
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, and Behave.

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❤️vee July 28, 2022

happy early birthday!!

Jodie ❤️vee ⋅ July 28, 2022

Thank you...Just wait till what I say tomorrow...

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