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  • July 22, 2022, 2 a.m.
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I will be another year older and no thinner then I am now.
And it seems like every year I get more and more depressed because I realize just how old my parents are and how old my son is and that my days are defiantly numbered. And I look at myself and see just how old I really am.
And I am not really that sure that others really care that is is my birthday and just how old I am.
I can remember when I turned 40 I had a surprise birthday party with the people who lived in the same complex as I did and that night was fun. But I did realize that my son was not my little child I had the year before he was almost a man and that scared me. And I realized that life would get a little bit easier.
But the scary thing is the older I get the older my parents get and I know their days are numbered and I think about that. My first question will be Now what am I going to do with out my parent or parents?
All I know is what it’s like to loose a grandparent and I know that is totally different then loosing any other member of a family.

Onto something else…

I talked to my son via Facebook and found out he doesn’t have Covid but he does have a sore throat and a headache so hopefully he will feel better by next week. I really don’t like it when he is not 100% and I am not there to mother him. But I know he will look after himself and he will start to feel better. And he ordered my birthday present and told me I should get it next week before my birthday.
His sleep is still wonky so I am not sure if he is going to actually listen to me because I told him he has to stay up till around 10 PM and got to bed and then he would be tired enough and have a good sleep and then he should be back to what I call a normal sleeping pattern.

Onto something else…

It looks like we are going to be having a heat advisory and a heat warning and were told how to cope so hopefully people will listen to that and won’t die. So far the temperatures have been less then 100 so that is good but 75 is still too hot for me. But there is only about another month of this hot weather so it shouldn’t be so bad.

Onto something else…

Well it’s left over Friday so I will have to create something for hubby because all there is, is two chicken drumsticks. I am thinking of a frozen surprise because that usually has all the food groups in it and it should be enough for him.
And then tomorrow after work he will start his holidays so that will be good. I am actually looking forward to him being here and the only plans we have is to get my new glasses done so I can actually read the small print better. Other then that not much.

Well I need to stop here…

Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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theKat July 26, 2022

you will be strong and live on for your son

Jodie theKat ⋅ July 27, 2022

That is what I tell myself everyday. And when his dad left I told him and promised him I will be there for him forever. So I need to keep my word for that.

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