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  • July 21, 2022, 3 a.m.
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I know people who get so broke at the end of the month that they can’t even rub two nickels together and then they start to get miserable and telling the world they are so broke. So what are people suppose to do give them money or lend them money?
I figure if and when I have everything I want and need I don’t care how much money if any I have and I don’t ask anyone for money to give me or to borrow. I really don’t like borrowing because then it leaves me with even less when I do get money. I don’t think I have borrowed any money from anyone for a lot of years and that is always one less thing to pay. And with bills and credit cards I always pay them the day I have money so they are paid and I don’t have to think about the due date so everything I pay is always early and has a credit of some sort except for my rent.

Onto something else…

So today I get a grocery order from my new place so it will be interesting to see if they give me bags or a box like I asked for. I even told them I would pay for the bags. But I think they will be paper bags but that is okay also because at least they will be easier to take inside. And on Friday I am getting some amazon stuff so that will be good also.
And I ordered a blu ray for my son and for some reason it got lost and I am wondering if they will re send it. It suppose to be coming today so I will have to wait and see. But the lady I talked to phoned the sellers and told them I want it re-sent so that is another wait and see. The thing I don’t get is why these sellers just don’t use delivery people who are more reliable and actually get the products to the people? This is like the third time this has happened to me and it’s really frustrating. But what I am hoping will happen is that they will give me my money back and still re send the blu ray just to show that they are not jerks and do care about their customers. Amazon once told me it’s best to order their products that they sell and ship because it’s easier to deal with them and they always fix the issue and their customers are usually happier. But it’s hard to just order from them because they don’t sell everything.

Onto something else…

I think tonight’s dinner will be chicken or maybe fish with some sort of noodles or rice and carrots. Or maybe frozen peas.
Lasts nights dinner turned out really good and the spaghetti sauce didn’t burn and didn’t come out too thick and there is left overs so they are in the freezer for my son when he comes.
I talked to my son yesterday and he says he has a soar throat so I told him to get tested for Covid but I doubt he will because he will probably wait to see if he gets any worse. But he can get the test for free so I will have to tell him again.
I found out that my son likes to use InstaCart when he is doing on line shopping so he will be getting my birthday present from them. Evidently they have a lot of stores that people can shop at with them. But I find them to be very confusing so I don’t use them.

Onto something else…
Well I need to stop here, do have a great day..
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave…

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