Wherein I vent about what's left of my friends and relatives in The Big, Blue House, year one.

  • July 20, 2022, 9:56 p.m.
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I have just four relatives whom I still talk to, and only one of them is someone I actually like. Two of the remaining three are bipolar with delusions, making them extremely difficult to have a conversation with, because they incorporate their delusions into everything. In order to talk to them, a person has to successfully pretend to believe the same nonsense that they do, and I hate it. (My once favorite niece is one of them, her father is the other.)

The remaining one I just accepted a friend request from six weeks ago, when he was drunk texting everyone in our family because his marriage was on the rocks. He’s on the cusp of intellectual disability, and he embraced hip hop culture decades ago, making him a caricature of ‘Pretty Fly For A White Guy’. I only “like” his posts to see what the rest of our shared gene pool is up to, like a sort of Jerry Springer Live show in the Facebook comments.

The last conversation I had with the niece, she wanted my opinions on how to deal with possession. As in this poor woman literally believes that she is being possessed by the ghost of her boyfriend’s dead ex-wife, and that said ghost is responsible for her violent temper. - I thought hard on that one, and told her that drugs and alcohol make it easier for ghosts to possess people, and that she should make herself a less welcoming vessel. - Then I never wrote her again because *holy freaking crap that is above my pay grade*.

Her three children, all boys, are all autistic. When I found that out several years ago, I was thrilled. I thought that would give us enough commonality to establish some kind of long distance connection. So I sent them $20 gift cards for every birthday, and big boxes of candy for the Winter Solstice, for two years.

I got precisely squat in return. Not even a ‘thanks’ by email. They never accepted my Facebook friend requests. They even waited a full year to get the gift cards, which I know because Amazon sends you a notification when they’re accepted.

So my niece has raised/is raising, (19, 14, and 11), three very ungrateful boys. I realize $20 is chump change, but I’m on SSI here. It’s supposed to be “the thought that counts”. Whatever happened to that?

When I was a kid my Aunt Mary send me a half dollar in a card every Christmas, and I was always touched by the sentiment. Even at five years of age, my mother was explaining to me how much my Aunt loved me, to take the time to send me such a thing. I’m guessing my niece never taught her children basic civilities like gratitude. Which is incredibly disappointing, since we grew up together for several years. Her family and mine were neighbors from what was 5th to 9th grade for me. We spent a lot of time together. When they visited us when I was 28, we got on great. She was always a very nice person.

But then she’s seven years younger than me, so I never hung out with her as an adult, and apparently the adult version of her is completely off the rails.

She brags about drinking an entire case of beer, alone at a campsite, as her idea of weekend fun. She’s on serious relationship number 4, after three husbands. She doesn’t want to get married again, but every 2-4 years one relationship ends and she finds another, always swearing that this one is her “soulmate”.

Yeah, no. I think her soul mate is Miller Lite. And it infuriates me and breaks my heart all at once.


I have one real life person, and that’s Don, and he’s seventeen years older than me. When he’s gone, I’ll just be a widow living in a three story, six bedroom house by myself, with no one to talk to, and that image of myself makes me want to cry.

I don’t want any more cats when the current batch eventually all die of age related issues. Every time one of them goes, I bawl and hit my head on the wall. It’s terrible. I want a tortoise at that point. Something likely to outlive me, and not likely to eat my eyes if I die at home.


Of my three remaining old friends, one is delusional religious zealot and Cheeto supporter, with a borderline intellectual disability, (aren’t they all?), that I used to work with, and the other two I just don’t have anything in common with to talk about. We went to school together, and our lives turned out very different, and I have no idea what to even say to them now. The Cheeto supporter I always enjoyed talking to at work, back in 2009-2013, but she was an opiate addict even then. She’s sweet, but she has zero critical thinking ability. She once asked me for one of Don’s lortabs, that he’d been prescribed for a back injury at work. After some thought, I told her that I cared about her too much to give her something that I knew was bad for her.

The old school friends I legitimately like. They’re awesome people. I just have no idea how to talk to them. Maybe I should message them and tell them that. One is morbidly obese, with heart problems. He’s had covid twice, but managed to avoid a respirator, although he did have cat scans and other tests for his heart. The other is barely surviving in the bible belt. So maybe I’ll still have one of them in a few years.


The one relative I like is my half sister. She’s been very kind to me since our mother died. She’s apologized for mean things she said in years past, and we’ve talked quite a bit. - But now she’s fighting breast cancer, and she’s ten years older than me, so while it’s nice that we’ve made up, she’s yet another loved one that I get to watch die.

She had a double mastectomy last month. Thus far her doctors say they’re not finding any more, so my fingers are metaphorically crossed.


I need a few healthy, reasonably sane friends. Where does a person find such people? Adults typically go to bars, but I hate drunks, and loud music. I don’t do church, obviously. I can’t do volunteer work, I might lose my SSI.

Maybe I’ll just stick with plan A and asphyxiate myself when Don dies. I just hope I have the guts.

My Australian friend and I seem to have grown too far apart. Conversations stall and stay stalled for a year at a time. I think it started when his father got a new girlfriend, and he hated her irrationally, and I tried to explain it from the perspective of the girlfriend.
Oh well.


I’ll die, and no one will even notice, and this house will go to whatever charity I pick, and that makes me sad. I can’t even bribe someone to be a pen pal with the promise of property upon my death.

At times like this, it always occurs to me that I wouldn’t have this problem if I died before Don. But he’s been much improved the past two years or so, to the point that I’d feel bad intentionally leaving him with the responsibility of dealing with my corpse. I may wait until our burial plots are paid for, and the headstone is installed, (I’m pre-ordering it, for obvious reasons), then asphyxiate myself.

He never expresses any desire to talk to anyone, and spends the vast majority of his time watching re-runs of 60s-70s TV shows. I legitimately don’t think he’d be nearly as bothered by losing me, as I would be by losing him. He might cry briefly, but nothing would change for him, aside from the bills, obviously. He has no innate need for human connection, so far as I can tell. Quite the contrary. He actively avoids it. He never even uses Facebook, Reddit, or Imgur. He never goes out. Nothing.


Well that was horrifically depressing. And I took three ibuprofen while I was sitting here, and I still have a headache.

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Dante July 20, 2022

You have one more friend you haven't thought about and I live in texas. I don't want anything from you just your friendship is enough for me I too will leave all my belongings to Aspca and the wildlife fund for keeping animals alive on this planet. Every one in my family plans on doing the same when they die. So, if you'd like to write letters we can do that or emails. I'm willing to do both of either. You will never be truly alone my friend.

Asenath Waite Dante ⋅ July 24, 2022

As long as you're here, we can just do this? Or if you like physical mail, we can do that. Or whatever. I'm easy.

I really appreciate that. It means a lot.

The desert part of Texas, or the green part?

Dante Asenath Waite ⋅ July 24, 2022

I'm easy too my friend. As for Texas I live in the center but it's pretty much a desert lol everything is brown and ugly here. We can do it any way you wish I know sometimes people like physical mail which is fine with me either or. I'm easy too.

Dante July 20, 2022

Mom's sister is a millionaire but yet she has never returned a card of said anything for anyone's birthday her kids are the same they don't even return phone calls. I have stopped trying with her and her family as far as I'm concerned they aren't part of my life anymore. I gave up on her.

Deleted user July 20, 2022

Whoa dude. That was SO depressing I started looking for a squirt gun to blow water into my head. Giving unconditionally is cool. Wanting a thanks? Nah. Let the ungrateful pricks go. The crazies and right-wingers? DETOX TIME! I remember hearing a voice talking recently and wondered if I was going psychotic. GOD IS THAT YOU? It was one of my birds talking to himself.
Your life sounds empty, devoid of warmth. Don? Sounds like a cold dude. Maybe sell that monster big house and get something smaller and cozy. Get some money out of it and enjoy life. You sound like a genuinely good caring person surrounded by the opposite. Cut the toxic people off. They drag you down with the stupid, crazy and negative. When people ignore you it IS a fuck you so fuck them and let them go. This is what I am doing. I have a running joke about how people will be concerned about me when they smell my rotting body here ;-) That's ok. Maybe I can die on a plastic sheet and make it easier for others. You are a very smart good hearted warm person I think. Lift yourself up with more positive people and drop the poisonous personalities and crazies. You are a woman of dignity and CAN be choosy! Cheers. Oh you are also a good writer :-)

Asenath Waite Deleted user ⋅ July 24, 2022

Thank you so much. I have a hard time knowing what to say in the moment sometimes, but that comment really helped. I appreciate it.

Deleted user Asenath Waite ⋅ July 24, 2022

No idea who you are but I send a hug for your emotional wisdom :-)

Asenath Waite Deleted user ⋅ July 25, 2022

"No idea who you are". Okay. My name is Cindy, I live in Ohio, I have Asperger's, and I like painting, and cats. I hope that helps.

Deleted user Asenath Waite ⋅ July 25, 2022

I like simple names.
This is me for anyone that wants to look. I am fairly open about me. Good to meet you..."Cindy". I like birds as we all see. ;-)


Asenath Waite Deleted user ⋅ July 25, 2022

Oh birds are awesome. They're just really loud, and I can't handle high pitched noise in my old age.

I friend requested you, assuming that's alright. If not, feel free to just stalk my profile.

Deleted user Asenath Waite ⋅ July 25, 2022

My birds can be loud but hopefully the neighbors do not mind. I often wear headphones.

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