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  • July 19, 2022, 2 a.m.
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I have a feeling that my life really isn’t all that much and not very exciting. But maybe others have the same kind of life. Except for the jobs we have our life is pretty much the same everyday and not much happens. Could you imagine having a more exciting life where you have no idea of what will happen the next day? I could never have a life like that because I like to be organized and have things planned out. And I don’t like change at all.
And everyday is basically the same but things don’t always get done and if they do it’s never the same thing at the same time. Life is always interesting and everyday brings different things and I like that because some days I learn new things or get to meet different people that I haven’t seen for a lot of years.

Onto something else…

Yesterday hubby and I went to one of my favorite malls and he got his new runners and a pair of new slippers and we got some groceries so we are good for a while.
And dinner last night I made something new…

It was this…
And it turned out really good and hubby said he will eat it again.
The one thing about trying something for the first time is that I always worry that it won’t be liked and it will end up in the organics. But I like these one dish meals because clean up is so much easier.
Tonight hubby wants pork chops so i will do that. Nothing very fancy but it will be tasty.
And tomorrow for dinner hubby wants my famous spaghetti and meat sauce so I will do that.

Onto something else…

Oh one of the gifts I wanted to get my son the people have lost it so I am not very happy. I am wondering how sellers from amazon can lose things? This is like the 3rd thing that has been lost and they wonder why they get such crappy reviews. I do try to get things that are sole and delivered by amazon because they are much better at customer service and it’s a lot easier to actually talk to them and I like that. So now I have to phone amazon so they can tell these sellers to resend the blu ray I want for my son. So far things that were lost and had to be re sent I have gotten for free so maybe this one too?

Onto something else..

The one thing that I HAVE to do today is the laundry. I have noticed that we are both running out of shirts and socks and underwear so those loads will get done and of course the regular stuff might get done also. Just depends on how long this headache will last after I take my funky pills. My headaches usually lasts about two hours and sometimes but not often they will last most of the day. I think it has something to do with the barometer. Or maybe someone really hates me and wants to see me suffer.

Onto something else…

Well, I need to stop here…

Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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raeven July 19, 2022

A funny amazon lost story. Years ago, I ordered Photoshop CS3 which was around $400. It said it was delivered, but I couldn't find it anywhere. So, they sent me a new one. Then, in the Spring, the snow melted and it was under the snow! So then I had 2 copies of Photoshop CS3.

Jodie raeven ⋅ July 19, 2022

The thing is with amazon unless you tell them where to drop it off they always put it where you have to look for it for days and months. I find the sellers to be worse because they don't listen and the delivery companies they use always loose things and all they say is sorry and then they want to tell you that it will take weeks before you get your money back.

theKat July 20, 2022

your life is special to me

Jodie theKat ⋅ July 20, 2022

you are very special to me also and I think we get along really well....

KPink July 25, 2022


Jodie KPink ⋅ July 25, 2022

you are sweet thank you...

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