Thank you - said the boomer. On Reddit and so many other places Boomers are treated like a separate species. So much bigotry. I have been treated like a very alien person because of my age. Kinda like being a different color in the USA, y'know? Or you Muslims! When I was a kid I laughed at my elders but soon learned that was stupid. Stupid is stupid no matter the generation or age, race, nationality, religion or non. There is a HYPOCRISY with so many that hate my generation or ridicule us. The same that may call themselves, "liberals" will often use that "boomer" word. A lot of my generation ARE stupid selfish and greedy. Then too, many are NOT! Same with all generations. What many humans are missing is a view of ALL OF US AS HUMANS. We're all the same species on the same lonely planet. Ok except for those right-wing muthafuckas. They are some crazy fucks! ;-)