Centerpiece opinion needed in Public.

  • July 13, 2022, 3:59 p.m.
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Not really a “centerpiece” but part of the setup.
I need opinions because I keep going back and forth. We have round tables.
Centerpieces will include a vase with flowers, candles and table number.

Flowers will be similar to this:
alt text
About the same height as well - maybe not as wide.

Yes or no to gauze/cheesecloth runners?

Runner idea:
alt text
(We would need to set someone’s plate at it just like this too)

I don’t want my tables to look bare but I also don’t want them to look crowded. I alsooooooo don’t want to waste $160 on something that isn’t worth it.

If I decided not to do the round tables with no runner, would the head table (3-rectangle) look weird if we did a runner along that? We are not doing much décor to the head table because it’ll be taken down to open the dance floor. Or moved. Or idk. I really don’t know. I kind of regret going to a such a small venue. People are going to be mushed and miserable.

Yay or nay to the runners.


DE_nobelle July 13, 2022

I think you'll be fine at your venue! Don't forget people won't show the day of too- I had like 10 people cancel the day before and day of. And that was a wedding of like 65. So you'll have some melt for that, and you'll have more declining closer to the due date- the earlier people will be way more yes's than no's!

Empire of Lights DE_nobelle ⋅ July 14, 2022

Yes! That's what I keep hearing. We went through the list of people that still haven't RSVP'd and there's still some definite no's we already know about so I should stop stressing. Lol.

DE_nobelle Empire of Lights ⋅ July 14, 2022

Yes stop stressing!! Youre fine!!

irate velociraptor July 13, 2022

I think it looks more elegant without!

sedentary July 13, 2022

I don't think you need the gauze. Looks nice enough without.

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