Seriously? Is this who we are now? in The Musings of a Former Filmmaker Turned Writer

  • June 25, 2022, 9:18 a.m.
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I said I wasn’t going to give my opinion about Roe Vs. Wade, and I’m still not. However, I will say, this entire ordeal has left me shocked at the behavior of a MAJORITY of humans across the world. The ugliness and evil behavior humans have shown towards each other during this entire ordeal is seriously nauseating and sickening. I understand that there are a lot of angry people on both sides, but goddamn it, really? I mean, seriously? The hate and division on BOTH sides is just....WOW. I mean, the name calling, the threats, the online fighting - yet, on the Fourth of July, humans in America will come together and act like they’re all patriotically united. Please, it’s all bullshit.

The way a lot of people have talked to each other and treated each other during this entire ordeal is shockingly sickening. Yet, this is exactly what the government and TPTB want - for people to turn against people. After witnessing how people have been acting towards each other, a majority of humans sicken me right now. I’m ashamed of a lot of humans. They’ve let this entire situation turn them all into monsters.

We don’t need the government to put into law a yearly purge, because we’re already in the middle of one right now, people are purging each other with hateful words, attitudes, actions, and behavior.

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Deleted user June 25, 2022 (edited June 25, 2022)


I believe we are in a civil war at this time. It has been growing since trump opened the gates of hell again. I had thought we had made progress but the racists and fascists were just in the shadows. Justice Thomas wants to ban contraception? The Republicans want to end Social Security, Medicare and welfare? As I sometimes joke, growing up I felt uneasy around blacks. NOW I look at the whites around me and feel very uneasy wondering which one is the nutjob. The USA is split and those who say they sit on the fence are just idiots. It is to me a war for the soul of the USA. Fortunately the Left has a great power and that is DIVERSITY. Of race ethnicity nationalities and religions and lack of such. The right has that narrow hateful burn down the world view. The left wants to build and flourish. In my way I try to connect with ALL people right left or middle by being kind, compassionate empathetic and helpful when I can. THAT is what can save us and bring us all together.

Deleted user June 25, 2022

You have a lot of good points here. You are right people are divided.

Miss PCM Deleted user ⋅ June 25, 2022

I know, and it's sad...

Superposition June 25, 2022

Yes. I wish more people would see it this way. You and I are part of a small minority. A small group of people who wish to be united. Who wish to live in peace. Who wish to cooperate. Who don't have their heads so far up their own asses that they just walk around thinking, "ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME" all day.

Keep spreading the good word and these powerful ideas, and I will too. We're doing our part. Keep doing the right thing. Don't ever stop. We can change minds if we keep pointing out the hypocrisy.

Miss PCM Superposition ⋅ June 25, 2022

I know, right? Thank the gods that we are two people who are trying to hold up the light in the world, trying to truly shine a light on the hypocrisy -- because to be honest, I think things are about to get very, very worse, in regards to civil unrest, crime, food and gas issues, they're talking about blackouts coming even after summer is over......It's just, I think we're on the precipice of something bad.

xoxogossipgirl June 25, 2022

End times are happening.

Miss PCM xoxogossipgirl ⋅ June 26, 2022

I agree, I think they are.

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