This Is Sad....But The Fact That No One Gives A Damn is what makes it sadder in The Musings of a Former Filmmaker Turned Writer

  • June 24, 2022, 6:34 p.m.
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Today in Arizona, it’s 103 degrees and after returning home - jobless, I decided to brave the heat and go to downtown Phoenix. Before I did though, I took about $100 that I had in my checking account (I didn’t dare touch the money I have in my savings account) and bought several packs of water, and handed it out to the numerous homeless people, living in tents, and when I tell you they were tearful and completely overjoyed just by me giving them, it touched my heart, because I’ve been there, and because no one else gives a damn.

Everyone is so self-consumed with ridiculous shit that doesn’t matter, but who actually focuses on the homeless? Who actually protests and gets enraged from state to state over the fact that our government has millions to give to Ukraine but not to end homelessness period? Where are all the tears and anger and outrage over the fact that just during these past, few months, numerous - and I do mean, NUMEROUS homeless people here in Arizona have died from the heat?

I don’t listen to rap music unless it’s old-school rap, but the only current rap artist I do listen to is Tupac, because his songs tell stories, and one of the things that he said in one of his songs was, “They’ve got money for wars but can’t feed the poor.” Isn’t that so true? Not the government, not a majority of American citizens, not barely anyone gives a damn about the poor, and don’t give me that bullshit about shelters, shelters are highly dangerous because the government mixes in mentally unstable individuals with sane, homeless people. Furthermore, in a lot of shelters, individuals have to leave the shelter, early in the morning, and can’t come back until seven or eight at night, meaning, they’re out in the heat, the sweltering heat all day long.

However, no one cares unless it happens to them, then when it does happen to them, they want sympathy....Ha, the irony. So, today, I choose to direct my uproar towards the forgotten, the ignored - the homeless. However, I’m not too surprised that the homeless are forgotten by society because 95% of society doesn’t give a damn about anyone else unless the caring that they’re showing will somehow benefit them personally, and that’s just the truth. Truth is truth, no matter how harsh it is.

~ P.

Deleted user June 24, 2022

It is sad. I lived in Arizona and the 90s, and I remember just how damn hot it got there.

Miss PCM Deleted user ⋅ June 24, 2022

Yes, it really is, and that's why my heart is with them 100% because someone needs to have a heart for them. Thanks for your comment.

Neogy Titwhistle June 24, 2022

I spent five years sleeping in my van in a Missouri college town. I spent the coldest and hottest days in a public university student union and library and numerous other buildings that had a study area. All those years and I seen maybe one or two other obviously homeless persons. I couldn't figure out why as it is a completely public space, free for all to enjoy.

Deleted user June 24, 2022

They don't acknowledge because they fear it's contagious we have a group every Friday in Washington Sq Park bring something take something I know you're not in NYC but that's what we're trying to do

Miss PCM Deleted user ⋅ June 24, 2022

Good, oh that's awesome! At least some people are doing something for them because I swear, every day here in AZ, it gets worse and worse.

Superposition June 24, 2022

It fucking pisses me off so bad that we've been "giving money to Ukraine" (are we though? Are we even really giving them as much as they say we are? Who's keeping track of all of this money? The stimulus checks lined the pockets of the already wealthy, didn't they?)

Miss PCM Superposition ⋅ June 24, 2022

I know, it's like charity is supposed to start at home. When I heard that so many of the homeless died here in AZ from the heat, it broke my heart. No one should be homeless in this country, absolutely no one.

xoxogossipgirl June 25, 2022

<3 you are a good person for that

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