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  • June 24, 2022, 10:20 a.m.
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Yesterday I wrote about understanding who my best most evolved self is and in time, IS.

Love is the best we are when we are loving people.

It brings us back to an innocence that was lovingkindness before we learned of other ways to be in life. Some recover from it and others die from the ugliness pain anger and hate in their lives. Being loving can be a choice - if we want it to be.

When I was age 3 I probably knew nothing but love. I was innocence incarnate - like so many children. Billions of that age. Was that my best self? No. I had not had time to become in life. To be or not to be whatever the best of me would be.

I look inside as I rise out of a time of depression and let some fears go, I embrace my kindest good self. I have often felt uncomfortable in the skin of a loving good person. Like I did not deserve that feeling to be? But I do. All my sins do not matter because I was never, in my heart a malicious person and every time I did hurt anyone I felt remorse for it except perhaps for the times I hurt myself. So many such times. Now I need jump past remorse for hurting myself and simply smile about my past. It was my life.

I think that if we want to know the best of who we are, have been or will be, travel through our lifetimes and look for that Lovingest Heart. That is the best any of us can be. And if we do not see it? Cultivate it and embrace it.

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