Being In A Dream Is Like (I Imagine) Being A Ghost in StuffScottWrote

  • June 23, 2022, 10:32 p.m.
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Making breakfast this morning I remembered parts of a dream I had. The feeling and some of the people. Location was the old factory. There was a recurring dream theme of anger at a boss that had often been sadistic toward me. A triumphant feeling of quitting. But oddly I realize in memory I asked my parents (as if they were still alive) if I could go ahead and quit that place. They urged me to do it and I had the confidence to do it. I did it by not going to work. Even though in the dream I knew the factory was closed. Yet there were still people working there. One of them was a man I had not seen in years. We were once close but became very opposite with divergent religious views. Yet in the dream there was that joyful meeting. IN the dream, I walked around to various people (many simply unidentifiable blurs) and said goodbye. I said goodbye to 2 men I felt joy at meeting again. brothers I had not seen in years. That good feeling of love for them rises up in me now in writing. Gratitude for having known them. The harsh feelings I felt for my boss I remembered well. How he would glare and if you talked back he would go into a rage. It was recently I blocked him on FB and made a new account. An account to free me more from the past.

I have realized that in dreams we are often like ghosts in a world of our subconscious mind fabrication. The subconscious mind creates this world to help free us by working out deep feelings that lie in our subconscious minds. We have seen in fiction how in some wonderful transformational inspiring moment, a ghost is freed from the place it must haunt and then moves on to the afterlife. That I believe is what happens with our subconscious mind. It helps free us from being grounded in some torment hidden from us or at the borders of our consciousness. It does things like bringing up a memory of former coworkers and facing them as we always wanted to (myself with my former boss for example) or to be able to say GOODBYE to those we never felt we had a chance to. As I did with my 2 former coworkers in the dream of last night. There was also that warmth of encountering my parents not so much as parents, but as warm equals. They spoke from the afterlife of my memory.

We knew some people for a long time and saw them age. Which of them would our minds choose as “them”? I believe a collective representation of all memories of “them”. Such as my former coworkers and parents. Sometimes there are emotions manifested into images - such as I with my former boss. I have had to be honest with myself about him. He tried to be friendly after the factory closed. He could not talk down to me as he had for decades. I could hear he wanted to. I tried to let all go and just be nice but as my dreams have shown, there is and maybe always will be a deep resentment for the DECADES of bullying he inflicted on me. I felt I was his favorite subject. He never showed any remorse. That is the sickest part of all. To free myself I now let go of that toxic person as my dreams are doing with me. It’s a good feeling. Thanks Subconscious, sincerely yours, The Ghost In A Dream.

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