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  • June 23, 2022, 5:37 a.m.
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At work, the day started off good! Because our shop and our flat are literally just a 1 minute walk around the corner from each other, our lovely postie’s often bring in our personal mail to our shop, it’s quicker and easier for them, and this time I had a parcel in a box delivered!
I was to review a can of energy drink that’s not yet in the shops. It was delicious so have kept the physical form and will fill in the online one when the email arrives in a few days, and I’ll give them a top review!
Then we had a decent sale before 11am…we don’t usually get any sales at all on a Wednesday for some reason…! Then in the afternoon we had a couple paying a HUGE amount IN CASH after buying tons of items! I even looked after their gorgeous doggy, named Okedokey, by my desk while they went out for 1/2 hour before coming back! We close at 4 and they rang about 3:45 asking us to stay open as they’ll be with us soon! They arrived about 4:05 and stayed until 5:20, asking loads of questions and buying up all kinds of things! My till was pinging left right and centre! Then when we closed up we went out to Tebay Services for meals!
Well stuffed by the time we arrived home!

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