BBQ califlower bites for dinner, mom's schizoeffective inspection in ?

  • June 22, 2022, 12:01 a.m.
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My husband is cooking BBQ califlower bites. Today he accidentally dropped raw cauliflower and my cat Coal has been munching happily hunting it. After I checked if it was good for cats I let Coal keep his treat. I had no idea he enjoyed califlower. Coal already has cat treats and cat food but if that makes him happily I will let him keep it.

I have never ate BBQ califlower bites before. My husband Talan who is very fond of eating meat normally doesn’t eat vegetables but his best friend Emily ordered BBQ califlower bites from Buffalo Wild Wings and let him try some off her plate. Talan came home bragging how good they were. Talan looked up how to cook it and decided to share it with our family. I can honestly see why he swears they are so good. I am quite surprised that he admitted the recipe wasnt quite right.. I thought it was amazing. He said he wants to try again.

Today my mom didn’t want to go with me to drop my husband off at work unless she gets to go shopping. My schizoeffective mother threw a temper tantrum until she got her way. I let her have her way just to get her to come.She legally has to stay with me 24/7 until they decide her fate at her court case.She throws fits to try to stay home. I took her to Aldi. There she chose some teas,and cereal. She didn’t buy much I was kind of proud of her because she has no impulse control when it comes to shopping. Mom’s lawyer called me because mom refused to turn on her phone for the past week due to the paranoid episode she has with her schizoeffective. Even medicated sometimes she still struggles. Imagine what the lawyer would have said if I told him mom can’t come to the phone she stayed home for a nap? The lawyer would have considered me a bad person neglectful of my mother’s needs. I keep putting my life on the burner to care for her! I am so glad I coaxed her to be with me.

Mom’s lawyer wants to come over on Monday to inspect my property. Today I tried to convince mom we needed to clean the house instead she decided a nap was in order. While she napped I cried. I feel very stressed I am not entirely sure what he is looking for all I know is the house has to be perfect on the 27th. I fear the lawyer won’t be happy and toss mom in a nursing home. Everything is so damn stressful. Mom doesn’t consider this a big deal but this is the rest of her life we are talking about.

I am exhausted I need to sleep. My husband works tomorrow I got to start preparing the house for inspection obviously mom doesn’t seem to care. Wtf mom.

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