Tuesday June 21st. 8pm in 280 Word ~ Micro Daily Journal ~

  • June 22, 2022, 10:23 a.m.
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Haven’t been here in awhile. I have to get in the habit of coming here again and just WRITE!
Putting this in my micro blog book just seemed right for now. I do have a lot to write and catch up on. But I think for a daily habit I’ll use this, unless my brain has so much to unload here. Then I’ll use my Daily Ramble Journal book.
Well it’s late. Waiting for Met game to start. Tomorrow my boyfriend has chemo again. I just hope he feels ok afterwards. Sometimes he does, sometimes not. At least he has his appetite back and is eating! Before I took my leave from work he was throwing up every day or dry heave wretching.. Lost weight. Now he’s much better!

Tomorrow is his appt is for 11am. We are usually there for 4 and a half hrs. I usually bring snacks for us.

Ok. Gonna go. Watching the Mets game with my boyfriend.
Oh and yes I’m a Mets fan too! ☺

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