Father's Day RIP in ?

  • June 19, 2022, 6:52 a.m.
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You know Father’s Day hits differently when your father has passed on. Several celebrate in which they have the right but some of us grieve of our fathers passing and take time to meditate what we once were when our dad’s were alive. If you see us cry excuse us. If we need time alone place allow it. Now all we have is pictures and memories. If your dad is still alive hug him and say you love him. You never know when that will be your last hug.

icedcoffeeplz June 19, 2022

This is my fifth year without my dad. Definitely a weekend I try yo avoid stores and social media because it’s too overwhelming to see

*_* icedcoffeeplz ⋅ June 19, 2022

My dad died December 2018. For some reason my subconscious still believes he is here so he visits me in dreams a lot.

Purple Dawn June 19, 2022

It's hard, all day all I do is miss my Dad, yet I can't make myself go to the cemetery. He's not there.
Take care,

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