Why God Is Real - But Just Doesn't Give A Damn in The Musings of a Former Filmmaker Turned Writer

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Has anyone ever examined Christianity? I mean, truly examined it for all it stands for and truly is? A few have, but I doubt not many. You see, I consider myself a Maltheist, and as a Maltheist, we believe that the god of the Bible is mentally ill, cruel, evil, and malicious because of the daily suffering, pain, death, and evilness that occurs in the world. He created people, yet he couldn’t care less that people are going through these horrible things. Furthermore, Jesus has split personalities.

Okay, hold on now, and take a breath before you get offended. Take a breath and hear me out.

Look, in the new testament, God sends down his son Jesus to die for people’s sins, yet God and Jesus are the same person. In today’s world, that would be considered as one man having split personalities, because how can God send down his son Jesus to die, when God and Jesus are the same people?

Jesus calls himself the bright and morning star - well, Lucifer also refers to himself as the bright and morning star. Both were in the supposed “heaven” before, both ended up on Earth, both went to the supposed “hell,” both wanted to ascend back, and both claimed to be powerful, once back up there. Furthermore, the Latin name “Lucifer” is an exact translation of the Greek term Phōsphoros. Phosphorus is a name meaning the morning star, and as I stated, Jesus called himself the morning star.

So, do you see what I mean? Jesus has split personalities. He’s himself—Jesus, he’s God,
his father, and he’s also Lucifer, the evil, psychopathic God. Another name for Lucifer is
Enki—but we’ll get into that on another day. Anyway, so all the evil and suffering that’s
happening in the world? It’s happening from him—Jesus, a.k.a Lucifer, which is why he’s not
worthy to be worshiped.

Furthermore, what kind of god would test people to see if they’re still loyal to him by allowing
Lucifer to take the lives of their family members, their husbands, wives, and children? It seems like a selfish, cruel, and evil one. For those who say, “oh that’s not true!” Answer me this, have you had prayers that have gone unanswered? Of course you have, and it’s because you were praying to a god that doesn’t and didn’t care.

You’ll have Christians use the term, “man’s free will.” Well, let me show you the problem with man’s free will theory. The problem with that theory is that not all of the suffering in the world comes from the exercise of man’s free will. Natural disasters, accidents, genetic deformities, diseases, these things all cause pain and suffering, and while humans created these diseases, what kind of loving God would allow man to do this?

Then, the theory with God testing his faithful servants—Christians say God inflicts and
allows evil and suffering because God tests us to improve our moral character. Evil and suffering are part of an “obstacle course” we need to overcome. Well, here is a quick real-life example of the obstacle course testing theory.

A man attacks a two-year-old girl with a baseball bat, which causes her horrific pain and maims her for life. When asked why he attacked the child, he said, “I wanted to test the parents so they can grow and improve their moral character.”

What’s your opinion of this man? Huh? What’s your opinion of his actions? Does the
parents’ moral character improvement make the girl’s suffering acceptable? Is the man good or evil? Here’s another example: God allows an innocent two-year-old girl to contract a horrible and painful disease - for what? To test her parents? To give them an obstacle to overcome? What kind of loving, sane, caring God does that?

God is responsible for 250 million deaths. It baffles me how millions of believers claim that God is good when the evidence of his alleged behaviors and teachings are so comprehensively the opposite. Throughout the Bible, there are numerous accounts of God dishing out divine punishment through genocide, plagues, ethnic cleansing, and the like. If the Bible is
the true word of God, as Christians say, then God supports rape, infanticide, slavery, torture, genocide, and all manner of death, destruction, and suffering. God even approves of incest (in which there are numerous incestual situations, all done under the name and approval of God in the Bible), yet he disapproves of gay relationships and gay marriage? Huh? The ten commandments say it’s wrong to kill, but the commandments and God make no mention of how wrong it is to practice pedophilia. Hmm, I wonder why that is.

God, who supposedly can cure all these things by invoking miracles, chooses not to, except for a few demonstrations of his alleged power by curing one leper victim, rather than eliminating leprosy altogether. He will feed 5,000 with a loaf and a fish but will not eliminate starvation and hunger. He will make a blind man see but leave countless others still blind.

You see, what if I told you you have no control and “he,” the supposed “God” has determined your fate, and though he’s supposedly divine, holy, and powerful, he’s capable of both mischief and hate? See, he’s “the creator,” he created Adam & Eve, he created the serpent and created the tree of evil and good. So, he planned it all, he knows all, sees all, hears all, he’s God, so he should. Yet he cast his people (Adam & Eve) from his garden when his serpent tempted Adam & Eve to eat of his tree - when God knew that they would.

Oh, yeah, sure, God’s good, better yet, he’s supposedly gracious. He supposedly makes no mistakes, he’s supposedly flawless, hallelujah, he’s - the greatest - but in the story of Noah, he flooded the Earth because he was displeased with what he created - face it, we were “God’s mistake,” in his eyes; And what’s funny is he did exactly what we do. What do you do when you attempt something, fail, and want to start over? You destroy it, ask for a redo.

If he and Lucifer were separate, then he should have destroyed Lucifer back then too, but God keeps Lucifer around just to “test us.” So, his prophets and holy books will never rescue us because he’s decreed in his mind that we messed up.

He delivered the Hebrews from Pharoah with miracles and plagues at any cost. Yet, from 1938 to 1945, he sat back and watched the Holocaust. He heard their cries, he heard their pleas, but he just decided not to show his face. No wonder why from 1619 to 1789, he couldn’t care less if Blacks were slaves.

According to the man-written Bible of his, if you’re innocent, he’ll send you to the supposed “heaven.” If you’re evil, he’ll send you to the supposed “hell.” So sacrificing the innocent so he can forgive the sins of the evil is a concept that he just can’t sell. “Father,” “Jehovah,” “Holy Ghost”, “Allah,” call him whatever, God is clever.

He’s hidden the pieces of the puzzle and laughs as we all desperately put them together, but we’ll never, because he’s made himself in control and has made us inferior. He thinks he made us simple, while he claims to be superior.

Yes, God is almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent, but God is also a clown. He could end world hunger, war, and disease, but he’d rather stay high in the clouds. Christians say that Christianity is God searching for man/woman, God knows where I am, he put me here, so - checkmate. God says “be,” and it is, God says “take,” and it’s been “took.” God would never search for a man/woman. If he can’t find you, it’s because he didn’t look. He lets his “angels” do no evil, he lets his “devils” do no good.

He let his prophets be murdered and let a drunk, pedophile man write his supposedly holy book. One plus one plus one is dumb and I wish we all were smarter. Think about it, Christians say Jesus and God are equal but yet two different people. How? When In John 3:16, the father sent out the son, but in Psalm 22, it says the son cried out to the father? So - huh?

And believing in Islam is just as ludicrous, you Islam believers are not off the hook. This next line needs common sense to fathom - All praise be to Allah, any other worship is a sin, yet Allah ordered all of “heaven” to bow down to Adam?

It’s all ridiculous and contradictive, all religion is too because faith is belief and belief is not proof. God is evil because he saves whom he wants and he’s constantly changing the rules. All of this is proof that God isn’t as good as Christians proclaim, he’s wicked, he’s insane, and he’s evil and you’re a fool if you believe in his Bible and in him and follow and practice his religion.

~ P.

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Deleted user June 17, 2022

God sent down Jesus in the new testament, not the old. And that "God sent down" phrase was written by a follower of Jesus, and Jesus's followers quickly began to change his teaching and build a religion out of him after his death.

Furthermore, the idea that Jesus and God are actually the same whatever is instilled in the Trinity principle, and that is something debated, having come into creation after the invention of Christianity and incorporating pagan beliefs. It is debated among Xtian sects.

Satan as the "morning star" correlates with him being one of the top hey-whoos in the angelic hierarchy, which is supposed to be why he was able to take so many other angels with him when rebelled. The idea that he and Trinity-Jesus are the same sounds like excellent fodder for a novel. To make it even more fun, some sects believe Jesus was the archangel Michael, who is to kick dragon behind, um, eventually.... But if you want to know more about Lucifer, I highly recommend looking at Jewish teachings and not Christian. (Torah+Old Testament = Jewish; add the New Testament and you get Xtianity; add the Koran and you get Islam; add the book of Mormon and you get a bunch of nutters who are way closer to Scientology than they'd like to admit.)

I won't go on, as there is too much in your post to cover, but suffice it to say that religion is a reflection of people, specifically the followers. Religions may have begun as ways to get in tune with poorly understood natural forces, and to try to answer hard questions like "why are we here?," "why do good/bad things happen?," and "where do we go when we die?" But no matter the angle taken to answer things like this, the responses quickly get appropriated by personal ideas and wants and desires, and then we have religions and sects. In a nutshell.

Nutshell. Get it? hardy har ;p

Miss PCM Deleted user ⋅ June 17, 2022

Well...my point is and was that God and Lucifer and Jesus are all the same and he/they are evil, ridiculous, contradictory, and very much insane, just as the religion that's devoted to him, called Christianity.

Deleted user Miss PCM ⋅ June 17, 2022

I am not a Christian, but I'm a nerd and have studied a lot of religion. You have laid out your beliefs, and that's fine. They're very creative and if you're not writing a novel on them, it would likely be interesting. Two thumbs! Highly recommended! :)

There are over 45,000 Christian sects. The beliefs you hold are based on post-Biblical concepts, embraced only by some of the sects. Just FYI. It doesn't really matter to me. Some of the ideas you've outlined here are common, e.g. why would a "god of love" cause so much pain? Etc, etc. That debate has been around for centuries.

Again, I'm not a Christian. My basic belief is outlined somewhat here:

Miss PCM Deleted user ⋅ June 17, 2022

Well, my belief are also based on personal experiences. I've seen family members die after I've asked for God to heal and deliver them. I, at one time, spent months homeless because of my - at one time, trust and belief in God, only to have him fail me - repeatedly. My belief is based on Christianity - after the death of Jesus," but it's also based on what I read that God condoned throughout the Bible - slavery, incest, murder, and rape. Bottom line, in my eyes and in a lot of people's eyes, he's evil, he's insane and he is one and the same with his "son Jesus" and Lucifer. Anyone who worships him and who practices Christianity is insane.

On the flip side though, I did try, very hard to get a novel on this very topic published. I called it Sentience, but no agent or publisher wanted to pick it up because they claimed it was too controversial, but in my mind, no matter how controversial the truth is, it is what it is - the truth. Anyway, thank you for your comments. ~ P.

Deleted user Miss PCM ⋅ June 17, 2022

Preaching to the choir, in a sense, really. I grew up in a Christian cult, and was homeless as a teen myself. I never formally joined the church, but my sister did, and they protected her abusers. No protecting her. She finally just recently left.

Ironically I think part of the problem is that you believe in God to begin with. I'm not atheist nor agnostic, necessarily, but I wouldn't pretend I know what "God" is. I may think about it, but in the manner that pre-religious people may have. And I use science.

People call on God to save them. Part of the problem there, aside from again general belief system, is that we assume we know what our saving is. I sometimes look at all the things I've done that could have gotten me killed and at times wonder if I did die. Metaphysics, in parallel with advanced mathematics, suggests we have parallel threads of existence, and consciousness follows the waveforms that have collapsed into existence, meaning that if a thread dies, consciousness continues on another thread. (Which brings stimulating mental gymnastics.) Sounds wonky, I know, but it's fun to think about.

Anyway, there is a lot to wax philosophical in your ideas and mine, but the bottom line is that we both have belief systems based on our experiences and education. It's expected they will change over time. And for those out there, e.g. those locked into a stalwart organized religion mindset, who don't change, well, it can be very sad.

Hope you have a great day, and take care~~~

Deleted user Miss PCM ⋅ June 17, 2022 (edited June 17, 2022)


Oh, I wanted to mention it took me a long time to wash out that early Christian conditioning. Even when I was very much not a member of the church, it still took years to wash it out and fully accept it was a bunch of man-made bullshit.

Also, they thought it too controversial? Shiiiit.... there has to be a house out there that would love that...

EDIT: I also think it funny you wrote: "Bottom line, in my eyes and in a lot of people's eyes, he's evil, he's insane and he is one and the same with his "son Jesus" and Lucifer. Anyone who worships him and who practices Christianity is insane." Right after I mentioned religion is a reflection of the people creating and following it, haha. a la insanity breeding insanity

Superposition June 17, 2022

I'm more comfortable believing that god is something humans are incapable of comprehending, and all religious texts are just attempts at making sense of the slivers of truth that people have received...but it's like a game of telephone. The actual message always gets lost along the way.

Miss PCM Superposition ⋅ June 17, 2022

Tou·ché, that's a very good point. Thanks for commenting.

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