Lonely marriage, schizoeffective behavior at mechanic in ?

  • June 16, 2022, 10:42 p.m.
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Marriage is the loneliest thing I have ever done. Talan won’t take me out but he will take his best friends Pan and Emily out. They go to dinner. Go to parks shopping. He reminds me I got to stay home and care for my mother. He is using mom’s schizoeffective as an excuse not to date me. I am so lonely I should have never got married. We have been together since 2013. Dad died in December 2018. My husband and I got married in December 2018. Now mom is living in my house.

He won’t touch me. All he does is complain the chores I didn’t do. I got my car fixed today I got my my break petal replaced,fixed the idle they checked for oil leak charged air conditioner the entire time mom rocked back and forth did stretches and acted like a child. Everyone stared. I know it’s her medical condition. She can’t help it. She acted out and I tried to keep her behaving. I don’t have children to find out at 66 years old mom’s schizoeffective will make her act like a child. Karma is a bitch I acted out as a kid now mom has tantrums.

The employee asked why last week mom behaved very well, now this week my mom is acting like a child . Mom kept calling me mother when she didn’t get her way and cried like a small baby. I knew everyone was getting annoyed so I walked her to the Dollar General a few stores over and let mom go shopping. I told the employee this is schizoeffective disorder. She is taking meds but the doctor is still trying to adjust it. I told them sorry for mom acting out. I told them instead criticizing me look up the medical condition and become educated. Schizoeffective is kind of rare so not very many people see it. I live with it everyday.

My husband told me when he got off of work that tomorrow he is taking my car if I like it or not that he wasn’t even telling me where he is going. Mom said that Talan wants to go to Plum Orchard Lake to target practice. Due to mom’s medical condition I am not permitted to go because mom isn’t allowed around guns for the possibility of her hurting or killing someone during an episode. As always he is taking his friends and leaving me home.

I think I might need a psychiatrist. I shouldn’t feel like a stranger in my own house. Only good thing that came out of today is my car has stop shutting off in traffic. I wish I could fix people like I can my retired police car.

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