To hot,con artist brother, cat pee problem in ?

  • June 16, 2022, 11:29 a.m.
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My mom was asleep for hours in the middle of the day I opened the door to her room and it was so hot. My mom said it’s fine she has a fan. I told my husband Talan what happened and he help me install an air conditioner in her bedroom. Mom asked what about my room I told her we have another air conditioner in the livingroom if I need to I will sleep in there. I was worried mom would have heat stroke. I got to care for her. My mom was so appreciative I don’t know why she didn’t ask for an air conditioner earlier we would have install it earlier.

Yesterday during my doctor appointment yesterday my brother Tom called. He knows mom kicked him off the will due to neglect so he asked me what I was going to give him after mom died.I told him I owed him nothing we honor mom’s will. My mom said she plans to live a long time and what she wants will go to who ever the will write it to. Tom was trying to hussle me.

He says I owe him. He lived like a parasite off my mom while dad was alive and after dad died moved in and used mom for her banking account. When mom quit giving him money he moved out of her house because he couldn’t steal from her and had to find a new person to leech off of. He came by once a month to steal her card and go on a shopping spree mom was to afraid to tell him no. After she was placed in a psych unit I changed her locks took her cards and made damn sure the money just dried up. Don’t screw with the little sister. Mom won’t tell you know but I will!

I am at Walmart trying to find something to clean cat pee. Cats have been urinating on our new couch infuriating Talan. We are coming to find something to clean it.

Lunchbox June 16, 2022

Cat Stain & Odor Remover - Enzyme Cleaner for Cat Urine, Feces, Blood, Vomit - 32oz

I SWEAR by this stuff. It works miracles at getting out the cat pee smell. My cat has peed on our curtains and our couch and this stuff takes out the smell.

Lunchbox June 16, 2022

You want to look for an enzyme cleaner. That is the only thing that will remove the cat urine smell.

queenofegypt Lunchbox ⋅ June 17, 2022

Yes! It is also the only thing that will keep them from continuing to pee in the same spot. If they can still smell pee there, they pretty much assume it's a litter box.

*_* queenofegypt ⋅ June 20, 2022

I got some enzyme cleaner it appears to help a lot. I have so much to clean. I got a black light and a carpet cleaner I hope to get rid of the smell soon

Purple Dawn June 17, 2022

Good luck getting the cat smell out. I don't think it is really easy to get them to stop once they've started? Anyways, I hope it works.

lessoff June 17, 2022

stay firm with your brother, eventually he will stop sniffing around. that is what happened to mine!

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