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  • June 14, 2022, 5:43 p.m.
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Me and my mom have been taking turns mowing grass at her house. She lives with me but obviously we still do maintenance at hers. Today at her house mom wanted to mow the back yard when it was my turn I turned to discover a snake skin on the porch. I have a terrible phobia of snakes. I eventually confessed I wanted to mow the front yard because I don’t know if that snake skin is new or not. I was really worried one of us might get bit. I think I am going to purchase an emergency kit and a snake bite kit just in case. We mowed most of the yard at her retired rental home. It was so hot I asked if we could mow the rest later. She agreed mowing at 83 degree fahrenheit is a bit much. She has very large property several houses but so many repairs needing done.

Today my car shut off in traffic on the way to take Talan to work. Talan cussed me and mom out demanding us to buy him new car. Mine needs repairs but mine still runs best of all it is paid for! My retired police car which is a 2008 Impala Police Interceptor it sputtered on the way to his work. Little did he know we already ordered the accerator pressure sensor it was waiting at Advance Auto for up to My husband had no idea we already replaced another part 7 days ago while he was at work. My husband swears I neglect my vehicle he has no idea while he is at work we go to mechanics and fix my car. I have an appointment to get the accerator fixed and an oil leak fixed. Best of all my husband will be at work while the repairs are being done. No complaints heard because he won’t be there.

I had an appointment with my neurologist today. I am no longer taking Nurtec for my migraines. The Nurtec cost over $1,000 a month and worse of all my insurance didn’t cover it. The neurologist found some migraine medicine that works with Medicaid. They are trying Qulipta and Ubrelvy. I don’t know if it will work but I am willing to try it. I have kept a migraine since August 2021.My ministroke has made me forgetful with headaches. I have been using CBD drops from Coalfield Cannibus it seems to take the edge off but doesn’t resolve the issue. I no longer know what it is like to live without a headache.

My husband text me while I was mowing grass. He asked if I was sick of him. He was upset because he screamed at me because the car shut off in the road while taking him to work. I told him shut up and he cussed me. I couldn’t tell if the car turned on or not because of his screaming. I was trying to figure out if I could drive the car or needed to tow it. He said how dare I told him to be quiet. I was trying to hear the motor he was screaming like a 2 ton toddler. He said he feels like I am not allowing him to express his feelings yet I cry when sad. He is upset because since mom moved in after her experience in the psych ward due to schizoeffective disorder he says he never finds anything to do because my mom and I always are doing it or it is already done. He said he feels useless as if he needs to just stay out of the way. He said he feels like all he is good for is making messes,cooking and there to life heavy things.

I never ask my husband to help me with anything. I know he won’t do anything so we do because my mom and I were always taught never to depend on a man. My own father taught me that. We have always done our own repairs,mowed our own grass. If we can’t figure it out YouTube teaches us how to fix it. In my parents household there was no gender roles it was people working as a family together work on resolving the problem. It wasn’t a girl job or a guys job. My dad taught me to cook my mom help my learn to hang drywall building a house. My mom and I both built a house and worked in the garage. My parents were abnormal and controlling but they taught you at a young age all work is resolved by working together. My husband obviously wasn’t taught that he always works against us.

Emily and Jewels is being kind enough to bring Talan home from work due to my car having issues. The mechanic will look at it on Thursday. I hope it is good news.

I am exhausted I just took some migraine medicine I help I can nap a bit before Talan comes home. My mom and I are wore out and we are no where near done mowing all her grass.. :(

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