So much hate :-( in 2022

  • June 13, 2022, 12:46 a.m.
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The news is getting more depressing than ever with the rise of gay-bashing and violence. I’m so glad the guys that wanted to incite a riot at the Iowa Pride parade were stopped before anyone could get hurt. It’s scary, though. It really is. Things will never change. If they haven’t by now, they never will. I’ve totally lost all hope and faith in humanity as a whole. People suck. They really do.

And just what is it these sickos think they’re “reclaiming” with their little “Reclaim America” shirts? There’s nothing to reclaim. Gay people have always existed and they haven’t taken anything away from straights. Straights are still free to be straight. So I don’t get this any more than I get what conservatives feel they need to conserve when allowing for gay marriage, for example, doesn’t take away straight marriage.

Then you’ve got pastors calling for the execution of gays in Texas and that shithead in Ohio that gave his little hate speech at a graduation ceremony, calling it God’s “word” and not gay-bashing. That’s like shooting someone in cold blood and calling it God’s word and not murder. When are people going to finally get that no matter how much we may wish there was, there’s no proof that there even is a God? Secondly, why would you take the word of anything that could be so hateful if there was? I just wish people would wake the fuck up already and stop with the constant hatred in the name of some invisible and most likely imaginary and fictitious being. Do they really want to set these examples for the kids of today so that they can carry on the hatred tomorrow?

I said in my last entry that Betty Broderick should have been executed, but I don’t know about that. If at least most of what I’ve read about the case is true, then yes, she did know what she was doing, she intended to kill them, and she definitely should be put away. But I also feel that Dan kind of had it coming to him. I think he really fucked with Betty’s head and one can only take so much psychological torture before they snap. Everybody’s got a breaking point. Everybody. I think they were both fucked up in different ways. Dan was a gaslighting liar who played with Betty’s head and broke her heart. Betty was materialistic, immature, and kind of crazy.

Betty got so much support and so many letters and gifts in jail. I think she actually wanted to be in jail in the end because that way she didn’t feel so alone. That was the impression the series gave me, anyway.

IAmAWotsit June 13, 2022

I know exactly what you're saying! I've also got absolutely no time for all these ''pastors'' and other ''religious'' nuts with their gay-bashing considering there's more or out of the closet... in religious institutions that anywhere else AND they cover up sexual assaults etc.! AND they do exactly what they're ordering others not to do! In the news papers ''Vicar runs off with married parishioner''....''The Lord told me to do it'' he or she says. ''Bishop rapes 10 year old choir boy''....''Christ instructed me to do it'' he says!

Mr. Mofo June 13, 2022

Which Ohio shithead? We have a few of them here.

Pink Passion Mr. Mofo ⋅ June 14, 2022

LOL, I don't know the guy's name. It was some older guy.

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