Renaissance Fair, great band mom chose in ?

  • June 12, 2022, 7:53 p.m.
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Yesterday mom found out at the Renaissance Fair a band wasn’t getting the money they needed due to them being on a steep hill not as many people were visiting their booth. They had no power to connect their equipment to so they did their best. They said they didn’t suffer from the demons of technology. When mom got up there she sat and enjoyed their entire performance. When that concert was over mom asked the price of their cds. Mom bought 5 CDs for $45. They thanked her for helping their band they were worried they wasn’t going to make any money. My mom danced the entire performance she had a blast and as always didn’t give a damn who’s watching. Sometimes I wish I was a free spirit like mom.

Today after I took my husband to work my mom and I opened one of the CDs from Coal Black Rose band. While we ran chores we enjoyed the CD. Yesterday we listened to my favorite band Valkyric. I figured it was her turn to listen to one of her 5 CDs.

When my husband got off of work he got off of TikTok and listened to the music asked where we got the CD. I told him at the Renaissance Fair. He said he wishes he saw that band when he was there. My mom saw so many nice bands. We had a lot of fun. I am glad I sent Talan to go hang out with his friends. Me and mom had a lot of fun.

My husband is talking about going back to the Renaissance fair in 2 weeks. My friend Tella is upset I didn’t take her last time. Honestly I was too. Most of the time my best friend Tella comes to my many adventures. I think if she isn’t busy I will bring her next time for our big adventure. My husband said I couldn’t bring Tella because he said so yet he met up Emily,Pan,and Emily’s bf Jewels to come play. I enjoy them I consider them my friends but I was hurt I didn’t get to bring Tella. Tella would have made it fun.

I wore a sugar skull long sleeve dress with pants with a black summer hat. I am happy to say I didn’t get burned this year.

I was upset last time over Talan’s foul mood but my mom’s cheerfulness is infectious. I was debating on not going next time but I know with Tella and mom with me I will have fun no matter what. Maybe mom and I can enjoy some more performances.

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