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  • June 12, 2022, 7:22 a.m.
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Sorry this is a long one! Hubby and I are going to have to ban J from our shop! We’ve known her a while. She’s 49, divorced with 2 young sons who the dad has legal guardianship of and they live about 32 miles away and she only has visitation rights for a couple of hours a month. She’s so bad her own mum hates her and refuses to have anything to do with her. Mum told us J’s the reason the marriage collapsed and her son’s are with dad instead but J does nothing but slag off mum and ex-hubby.
J is loud, gobby, obnoxious, arrogant, narci, psychotic, bullying and aggressive, has the idea she’s far superior to everyone else. She does a few hours a week as a basic cleaner about 7 miles away but that’s it, she does or creates absolutely no good/nothing for our community. She goes into shops barking orders at staff as if she owns the place, and them.
She insists she has a finance degree but when you ask her about it, she mumbles and won’t give proper answers. When she’s been in our shop she’s actually scared customers/potential away because she keeps interrupting and trying to make herself look/sound like staff with her overly loud voice. She’s been making some very slanderous/deformation of character comments to him about him/us/our business.
Her own mum said she was like it basically as soon as she could walk, talk and think for herself and was a school bully. We gave J lifts to/from work a few of times as her normal lift couldn’t do it for a while, she constantly slagged off workmates and everyone else so we stopped lifting her and she slagged us off for it. She’s also very nosy.
During the 5 days off work this week that hubby and I had, on the 8th June, hubby was at work but kept the door locked, just allowing those in we know, such as regulars etc. He was extremely busy but allowed her ladyship in for a couple of minutes as he needed to speak to her about something. J comes in and immediately calls him Billy-No-Mates, repeatedly, which is a HUGE insult, demanding to know why he didn’t have the lights on/was working on his laptop without them so he said the lights weren’t needed at the time, he had the natural light from outside. She demanded to know why he was ‘’wasting his time’‘ working when he could be at home watching TV. He told her he’s not wasting his time, he’s actually CREATING things, creating maps, mugs, brochures and other stuff and we don’t have a TV by choice. Who wants to pay a massive £159.00 to watch some hideous brainless old slags on Love Island? Not us!
He was ringing/emailing various people/organizations, creating and building things, going around the local shops talking to various staff/shop keepers, creating press releases, all kinds of stuff.
There were various things she said that really upset him, she totally cut across what he was trying to do. Beforehand he was happy and singing away while working. He came home in a foul mood, depressed, deflated and angry and was that way for 3 days. I was absolutely fuming at her so I told hubby no more lifts, no more anything, next time we see the vile bitch we’ll tell her she’s banned from our shop for life, I’m not having that vicious old gutter trash upsetting my beloved hubby and slagging us and our business off!
I told him she can ‘’pump up the engine on her broomstick’‘ and get herself to and from work! That got him laughing!

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Pink Passion June 13, 2022

Ah, the family drama thing. I can totally relate. I cut ties with my entire family a couple of years ago and I never regretted it.

IAmAWotsit Pink Passion ⋅ June 13, 2022

Thank you! My hubby cut off his entire family several years ago, except his sister who he keeps in occasional contact with. No point in having over-negativity in your life! And good on you!

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