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  • June 12, 2022, 7:22 a.m.
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I really wanted to go to the Renaissance Fair with my family I thought it would be fun. I made a mistake taking my family. I husband promised me this would be a date only to invite his 2 gay best friends Emily and Pan. He demanded $150 for a kilt. I told him I can make him a kilt cheaper. He decided to tell me to eat his ass and fuck you. He kept cussing me and bullying me until I told him if all he was going to be was cuss and belittle me that Emily and Pan could pay his way. I gave him $20 for food. He told me to go fuck myself and stomped off. I thought finally peace and quiet! I sent him to be with his best friends. He screamed why does mom get to shop but not him..it’s her damn money! Why does he think he is entitled to spend my mom’s money? Mom said the kilt was so much so blowing up and acting like a child was his answer.

My husband bought a blooming onion didn’t offer to share he made the comment I am a bad wife and stomped off again as soon his best friends Emily got there with her boyfriend yes gay with a boyfriend and her girlfriend Pan got there. I wonder if Jewels knows his gf has been sneaking around dating another women?

My mom and I decided we were going to have fun. We saw some shows like jousting, bellydancers,live theater,comedians. We saw some bands such as Black Coal Rose, and my favorite band Valkyric. My mom bought some cds from Black Coal Rose and mom bought a CD for me from Valkyric. Mom took a picture of me with the singers from Valkyric. I was excited they were here this year because their last CD I have listened to so many times I have a ring on my CD.

My mom took some beautiful pictures. A man was dressed up as a green man. He was walking around on stilts he was a talking tree. His costume was at least 9 foot tall. He greeted people he used squirrel and bird puppets to have conversations. I loved it. Such a creative costume.

My husband came back after hanging with his friends he tried to apologize and gave me a rose. I was tempted to destroy the rose instead I brought it home. He grew upset when I told him I don’t need apology presents I need him to quit being an asshole straighten up his shit.

My mom kept asking why I didn’t eat at the Renaissance Fair. The price of food was a bit high so I wanted till after the event and shared a rotisserie chicken with mom. After we got my husband to work mom bought me a Caesar salad at Windys. Instead the Caesar dressing I had ranch. My mom got her a Biggie Bag. We enjoyed our dinner.

The only thing I purchased for myself at the Renaissance fair was a deck of cards. My husband said he doesn’t understand why I am more interested in photographs instead buying things. I am used to being poor. I rather take a free photograph enjoy that for years instead getting behind on my debts. My husband wants to treat my mom poorly but is enjoying my mom paying our bills to live at the house. I am grateful for my mom’s help my husband behaves entitled.

While Talan was at work I tried to clean my eye makeup off with cold creme. I got the cold creme in my eyes. I cried trying to wash my face. After I managed to be able to see again my mom asked if I was ok. She woke up from my cries from pain.

I edited my pictures and posted them on Facebook and Instagram. I was enjoying my moment of quiet after my husband cussing and complaining me for not buying his kilt in the car on the way home.

Talans shift was a 3 1/2 hours long. I picked him up with mom. Talan lost his temper that we didn’t feed mom’s pets yet. I had Talan walk the dogs while I put out food for cats and dogs. My mom cleaned the litter box.

My husband started cussing me because I mentioned to mom we needed to clean the rest of her house and I mentioned that we needed to mow grass very bad. I told her I would bring my mower over from my house and my weed eater and I would help me.

My husband demanded to know why she didn’t clean her house yet. They started arguing. I had tears rolling down my face. I tried to clean it but it is so overwhelming. I can’t do this alone. I was hoping mom would help me.

My husband told my mom she is disgusting and demanded mom take an excavator through her house. He screamed it would be condemned. I suggested us clean it together or get it professionally cleaned. Mom confessed it would take the money she has left she would be broke I offered to help her clean it my husband said she was a pig. The fight escalated so bad I had to separate them. I broke down crying I had an anxiety attack. I told both of them to shut the fuck up. At one point my mom had a knife trying to open a dog food container mom had it in her hand arguing I questioned if she was going to stab Talan. With her schizoeffective there is a possibility the voices would kill my husband.

I came home and cried. Remembering my husband words about the kilt. Fuck you he will go back to the Renaissance fair in a few weeks and buy what he wants. It is amazing how he forgets we have bills. He wants mom to pay his bills but he wants to abuse us..wtf.

Life does not get better. No matter what I do I am treated like shit. I wonder what a normal not abusive life is like. I wouldn’t know.

Beret June 12, 2022

Why does he need a kilt? It's not like something you wear to work everyday.

*_* Beret ⋅ June 12, 2022

He wants to wear a kilt to social events and out with his friends.

SemiCharmed June 12, 2022

Nothing will change if nothing changes.

Life will not improve with an abusive spouse. <3

Lunchbox June 12, 2022

How much more of this can you take? He acts like a spoiled brat teenager. Does he support you and work as your partner in life? If not, what's the point of staying with him?

Deleted user Lunchbox ⋅ June 12, 2022

She likes to whine about it online apparently this has been going on for years

Deleted user June 12, 2022

He said all of that to you in public . You don't have kids that trailer is yours you ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. I hope he fucking dies because that is the only way you will be free since you won't kick him out

Purple Dawn June 12, 2022

You know that people can only treat you the way you allow them to. I hope things get better for you but I fear it won't until your husband is out of the picture.

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