Good cook,disappearing mom, growing up to raise her in ?

  • June 10, 2022, 8:25 a.m.
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My husband Talan is an amazing cook. Last night for dinner he cooked steaks in thyme and butter. I hated mushrooms as a kid but the way he cooks mushrooms I eat them happily. Most of the time I eat steaks with A1 but the way he cooked it it taste so good that I ate it without any condiments. My husband should have been a professional cook he really missed his calling.

My mom bought me a late birthday present. I have been wanting a adjustable body mannequin for over 4 years. Everytime I collected the money an emergency or a bill had to be covered. I went to Joann Crafts with the intention of buying a pattern to make teddy bears with. Mom noticed me checking the price of the mannequin and when she realized I can get the mannequin almost half off the original price. I felt guilty her spending so much I tried to talk her out of it but she tossed it in my buggy. I was looking at Golden Girl fabric to make teddy bears with but the price of the fabric is so expensive I put it back.

I swore when I grew up I was going to design my own plus size clothing line. I always thought it was unfair that you could only have cute clothes if you were below a certain weight. Since I am now a 44ddd bras are only white,nude, black and grey. Thanks to my mannequin I plan to sew my own decorative bras and clothes to better fit my figure.

Have you seen Disney’s Cruella? It came out in 2021. I really hope that movie motivates people to create their own clothing. I might adopt some of her ideas in my personal clothing.

While I was at Joann Crafts my old boss Rob ran into me. We were asking him about where to find plus size patterns for bras. He turned around and said he missed me and told me if I would just put in an application he would happily hire me back. He said he needs a good cutting counter girl who knows what she is doing. I worked there for over 3 years. I was dependable. I really enjoyed my job. I only left because I had a ministroke in August and he cut my hours. I am currently a 24/7 caregiver for my mom right now but I would love to work for Joann Crafts again. I got to see how the court case goes for moms schizoeffective disorder.

Yesterday I got scared at McDonald’s. I told mom to stay there while I ran to the bathroom I walked out she wasn’t there. I called to my friend I used to work at Mcdonalds with Josh I told him mom’s gone. Me and him ran around looking in bathrooms ran to the lobby and car. Mom was sitting outside at the picnic tables. I was so upset. Josh calmed me down. I thanked him and went back to mom. She was upset because she spilled tea on her hat and was sitting there trying to clean it up. I threatened to put a tracking device on her for when she wonders off. She told me go for it. She didn’t mind me knowing where she is.

I am trying to finish this diary entry but mom is snoring so loud beside me I can’t think. Her sleep apnea makes her snoring shake my walls. I need to shower and get ready to run her for chores. I just found the Latuda she lost I need to be sure she took it.

I spent years trying to avoid to get pregnant. Only to discover later in life I am actually unfertile. Instead raising a baby I am raising a 66 year old that I call my mom. Life is so strange this way.

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