What is happening to the world? in The Musings of a Former Filmmaker Turned Writer

  • June 9, 2022, 6:21 p.m.
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Today there was another mass shooting in Maryland. Also today, there was an eighty-one-year-old who was beaten senseless for no reason at all. In New York, a youth sucker punched and killed a sixty-one-year-old. I’m on the west coast but we’re having crime issues too. There’s food shortages, rent hikes, high gas prices, and job shortages. Crime and racism from all races are on the rise - big time. What is going on? Sure, years past, it’s been bad but never this bad.

People have become colder towards others with no kindness and no friendliness within them anymore. People have just become cold, selfish, and uncaring. I know I shouldn’t let the problems of the world get me down and depressed, but in a way, it is. I’m a peaceful, friendly, kind person and I’m not used to all of this dislike, hatred, crime, and suffering.

Then climate change - scientists and researchers have said that climate change is destroying our world at a rapid speed. So, where does that leave us, come 2028 or 2030? To be honest, if we’re all still alive by 2030, I’ll be shocked. I honestly don’t think the world will last that long, especially with the way it is now.

Suicide rates are high and some people don’t understand why. I do, a lot of people can’t cope nor make it through what’s happening with the economy, mortgages/rent, jobs, gas and crime, so they want out - literally. I’m not suicidal, nor would I commit suicide, but I too feel like I want out a lot of times. I want to go to the free Universe where there’s no suffering, no problems, it’s just a universe where your creative imagination is what thrives - because this world just doesn’t seem to be fun anymore.

You’re afraid to go to the movies because you wonder if it’s safe to do so anymore, the same goes for going to the grocery store, to the bank, to Walmart, to anywhere. I remember when the world used to be fun. I remember it being safer than it is now, but today....it just feels like this world is collapsing, like it’s falling apart…I hope this world will get better but with the way things are going.....I question if it really will.

~ P.

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