Chapter 22 in Rainstorm

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Rain stared out the window forlorn and feeling lost. She still had no roommate and that was okay with her.

Or was it? Maybe if she had a roommate, they would take her mind off of things even if it wouldn’t change the reality of her situation. She had a dead husband, a doctor who had become strangely obsessed with her, and no place to live. Did it get much worse than that?

The sound of movement as someone entered the room made her turn her head away from the window and toward the door. A stunning middle-aged woman approached her with a bright white smile. “Hey there, Rain. How are you doing?”

Rain simply shrugged.

“Do you recognize my voice?”

Rain stared at the gorgeous nurse dressed in navy scrubs before her. Actually, she did.

“Nurse Elizabeth?”

The nurse nodded, “That’s me.”

Rain was astonished. She would never have pictured the nurse to be so beautiful, yet the voice kind of did go with the face. Nurse Elizabeth was smoking hot. Slim, medium skin tone, average height with piercing dark eyes and black hair parted on the side. It had just a slight wave to it and fell several inches below her shoulder. “You are very beautiful,” Rain couldn’t help but tell her.

A flash of those perfect teeth as she smiled. “Why thank you, ma’am. You’re looking quite well yourself given the circumstances.”

Rain smiled dubiously. “Those circumstances are certainly anything pleasant. When it rains, it really rains in Rain’s life, creating one hell of a rainstorm. At least that’s the way it’s been lately.”

Nurse Elizabeth took on a sympathetic look. “Yeah, I know. It’s terrible what you’ve been through and I’m so sorry, hun. Well, we’ll help get you on track and out of here as fast as we can.”

Rain snorted. “What’s the hurry? I have no place to go. The madwoman finally found us, killed my husband, and God knows what the good Doc was doing to me. I have no place to go other than the streets because there isn’t enough money for my own place right now and I can’t earn money while I’m in here.”

The nurse put a comforting hand on her arm. “Don’t you worry about those details right now. Nobody’s going to let you go on the streets, especially not me.”

Rain’s eyes watered as she looked up at the nurse with gratitude. Never had she felt an instant comfort with someone she’d just met and she doubted it had to do solely with the fact that she was so attractive.

“I’d like to chat with you more about what’s going on and I promise I’ll be in and out throughout the day, but right now I have to move on and make my rounds, as they say.”

“No problem. I understand. See you later.”

“Take care,” the nurse smiled before she turned and left the room.

Wow, Rain thought to herself. She had no idea she was so damn good-looking. Before this moment, Nurse Elizabeth had been nothing but a voice on the phone and now she was something straight out of her fantasies, not that she’d had many of those.

Rain was taken to speak with a counselor whose job was to assess her mental state. She gave the counselor, Aiden, a quick rundown on what happened back east, and then with her husband. Rain wasn’t about to voice her suspicions to a complete stranger about the doctor, however. When it came to dealing with others in the health field, she knew she had to tread carefully, just like she would if she tried to go to one law enforcement official about another. Not just any of them was going to take her word for it. Besides, she had no way to prove her point.

After meeting with the therapist for an hour she was brought back to her room. Her thoughts bounced between how much she missed her husband, how she would survive once she was discharged, and nurse Elizabeth.

The sexy nurse entered the room shortly after she’d gotten back to it.

“How are we doing in here, Rain?”

“Well, I’m still alive.”

“No storms to go with the rain?” the nurse asked attempting to brighten the atmosphere.

“There are always storms with Rain, Nurse Elizabeth.”

The nurse chuckled and approached her bedside. “You look wonderful for your age. You keep busy?”

“I try. I’m really into running and bike riding. I was out riding when it happened.”

A look of sympathy once again crossed the nurse’s exotic features. She cleared her throat as if the thought of saying anything else made her a little nervous. Then she said, “So how was it staying with the doctor? I mean, what was it really like?”

Rain shook her head. “I don’t know. I just don’t know. Ever have a feeling about something but you know you can’t quite prove it?”

The nurse nodded. “Why, do you have a bad feeling about her or something?”

Rain nodded. “At first I thought all her attention was flattering. She was a respected doctor and I was just a housewife who did a little work online. But then she started to suffocate me, always wanting more and more attention from me, either online or in person. It all just got to be a little overbearing for me. But then when the madwoman tracked us down and killed my husband, it only made sense for me to accept her offer to stay with her because I had no place else to go and no money to get a place of my own.”

“The madwoman back east?”

Rain nodded again and quickly filled the nurse in on what happened.

“Oh, my God. Did you tell that to the police?”

“I did, but I’m not sure just how seriously the police here or back there took me since she was never apprehended. We never got anything on her. Not any fingerprints, not any hairs, not any fibers, not anything.”

“But what did you mean when you said you thought the doctor was doing something to you?”

“I’m not sure. I had a bad reaction to Prozac once. The stuff made me have thoughts of dying. This was back east as well and she knew about it too, because I told her. But I started having those feelings again. I know you would think they would have to do with the fact that I just lost my husband, but I could just tell that it was more than that.”

“What do you mean, hun?”

“I could tell it was some kind of chemical thing, and besides, I don’t want to die. At least not right now. I want to get the psycho that did this. Then I can decide if I want to live or not.”

“Do you think the doctor had anything to do with your husband’s death or are you sure it was the woman from back east?”

Rain blinked in surprise. She hadn’t even considered that one. “Gosh, I hope not. Never thought of her as a possibility, but if she did, then the doctor’s a lot crazier than anybody ever could have imagined.”

Elizabeth studied her thoughtfully.

“My guess is that she didn’t have anything to do with Troy, but I think she might have been slipping Prozac or something similar to it into my drinks. She loves cooking and she would practically cook all my food.”

“But why do you think she would do such a thing to you?”

“I can’t know that. Only she can if she truly did it.”

“And you think she did?”

Rain nodded. “I understand and accept that it might be hard for you to believe, but yeah, my gut feeling says she did. I’m just not sure why. Maybe she felt like she could get me to turn to her even more if I was all desperate and depressed. As I said, if she did anything to me, then only she can know her reasons for it and exactly what it was she did.”

Elizabeth nodded slightly.

“I don’t expect you to believe me any more than I would expect some cop to believe that another cop was dirty.”

“It isn’t that I believe or disbelieve. I have an open mind and I know that anything is possible. After all, people of all professions and all walks of life can sometimes do some pretty horrible things.”

“And it’s ironic that even though I’m still miserable over the loss of my Troy and wary of the madwoman coming after me, I otherwise feel better. I’m not thinking every other minute of the best way to die.”

“Well that’s good,” Elizabeth said with a smile.

“The big question now is how to find the psycho, how to prove if the doctor gave me anything, and then where the hell I’m going to go until I can get myself stabilized.”

“One thing at a time,” the nurse suggested. “I’m sure the police are doing all they can to find whoever was responsible for your husband’s death. Meanwhile, I think everything else will work itself out on its own and in its proper time.”

“As soon as the police say it’s okay to go into the place we’re renting, and as hard as it will be, I’ll pack everything up and put it in storage. If I have to stay in a shelter until I get a job and enough saved to get some cheap little studio or a room somewhere, then so be it. The most important thing is making sure this crazy madwoman is caught and thrown behind bars where she belongs. That’s what I live for right now, Elizabeth.”


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