Chapter 16 in Rainstorm

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As time passed, Rain began to feel more relaxed while she and the doctor spent time chatting and watching TV. They made dinner together as they chatted about local and world events. The shrimp scampi served with rice and cheesy broccoli was divine. It was topped off with a heavenly cheesecake dessert.

It wasn’t until after they had gone to sleep that things became interesting. Rain was sound asleep in the guest room when a nightmare about being chased woke her up with a start. She cried out upon waking up before she could stop herself and ended up waking Julia.

The doctor came into the room and asked if everything was okay.

“Yes,” Rain said as she struggled to catch her breath. “I just had a nasty nightmare. I’m so sorry I disturbed you.”

The doctor gently sat down on the edge of the bed and patted Rain’s shoulder. “If it would make you feel better to come with me, you’re more than welcome to do so. I have a big king-size bed and I don’t bite.”

Rain was too surprised to respond to the offer right away. Finally, she pulled herself up and said, “Yeah, why not? But I would prefer this to remain between us, okay?”

“Absolutely,” Julia assured her.

Through the darkness, they shuffled into the master bedroom. Rain felt a little weird lying next to Julia, but she was too tired to return to the guest room and was out like a light in seconds.

When she awoke the next morning, bright sunlight flooded the bedroom, which faced the opposite direction than her own bedroom faced. She sat up and rubbed her eyes just as Julia entered the room. “Wow, it’s bright in here.”

“Yeah, it gets the morning sun,” the doctor said. “How did you sleep?”

“Better. Have you been up long?”

“Nah, only about a half-hour. What would you like for breakfast?”

Rain shrugged and said, “Anything that isn’t spicy.”

The doctor chuckled.

“No sausage either.”

“Yes ma’am,” said the doctor as Rain pulled herself out of bed.

“I’ll be happy to help you as soon as I use the bathroom and get dressed.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ve got it. I’ll make us some bacon and eggs.”

“There ya go, Doc. Let’s drive both our cholesterol levels up.”

A trail of additional laughter descended the stairs to the ground floor.

Rain used the bathroom and went downstairs. The smell of coffee was enticing.


“Yes, ma’am.”

Julia poured her a cup.

“Cream and sugar?”

“Please. Preferably fake sugar.”

“Coming right up.”

Rain sipped the brew while she watched Julia move about the kitchen. The doctor was wearing shorter shorts than she’d seen her in before. Rain noticed that she had thin lean legs for her age. “You’re really in great shape for your age, Doc. And yes, I meant that as a compliment.”

Keeping an eye on what she was doing, the doctor grinned as if she found the statement amusing.

“No offense to the age reference, of course.”

“I definitely do try to keep myself in shape despite being a few years away from sixty.”

Rain studied the doctor’s profile. She was a very ordinary-looking woman despite being in shape. She had dull golden-brown eyes, thin lips, and coarse-looking curly hair with gray at the roots. She could see how she wouldn’t have spawned very attractive daughters. They were actually bordering on ugly and one looked a bit mean looking. At least that was what her opinion was upon observing their photos throughout the house.

Troy was due to return home in a few hours, so Rain didn’t stay too long after breakfast. She wanted to get home right away actually but thought she may appear rude if she ate and ran.

Rain insisted on helping with the cleanup afterward, and then she hugged the doctor on her way out. “Thank you so much for taking time out of your vacation to let me stay over so I wouldn’t go too far out of my mind, and for helping to calm me down after the psycho chased me in my dream.”

“Anytime, dear Rain,” the doctor told her.

Rain noticed the loving look in her eyes and was a bit surprised by that, as well as the sadness she could also detect behind the affection. It was then that she realized the doctor probably hated being alone a lot more than she did.

Anxious to see, feed and spend time with Simone, she gathered her belongings and headed across the street.

And then she stopped.

She turned back and found the doctor still gazing out her screen door. “Something wrong?”

“Actually,” Rain began hesitantly. “I know this may sound really sissyish, but do you think you could check out the house with me just to make sure everything is okay?”

“I sure can. Hang on a sec.” The doctor disappeared for a second and then locked her door behind her.

“Thanks, Doc,” Rain said with a smile.

“No problem at all.”

They did a thorough check of the small duplex and found everything to be safe and secure. Rain again noticed a look of longing in the doctor’s eyes on her way out. Longing but not lust.

A half-hour later she’d exchanged messages with Troy and had a cat with a full tummy purring contentedly on her lap.

Rain now had a decision to make. As soon as the doctor had told her that the friend account wasn’t hers, she’d been quick to unfriend the person and block them. She knew she should tell Troy about the fake Facebook account, but whether he believed her or not, why bother getting him all worried unless something else happened? If the split bitch wanted to play around in cyberspace, that was one thing. Invading their home, was another. So, for now, she would keep silent.

She soon set about her usual routine, trying not to think of the possibility of the madwoman breaking in, even if she could probably scream loud enough for the old man next door to help her, and there would be more likely to be witnesses in a more congested area as well.

The specialist crossed the street and entered her own home, sadness taking over her as she disappeared behind the closed door. She was through trying to figure out how or why she had come to feel the way she had about Rain. She only knew that she hated to see her go more and more each time she walked out the door. While she knew she was wrong for lying to her, she couldn’t seem to help herself. She thirsted to learn what she could about the woman.

Even if that meant lying about the Facebook account.

It really had been hers. The only reason she lied to Rain about the account was that she didn’t want to stay connected to her any longer than necessary to snoop around her account. Remaining connected would mean that Rain would learn more about her than she wanted her to know right now. She preferred to have the upper hand when it came to knowledge about people. Even her mother once told her that the more you knew about others and the less they knew about you, the better off you would be. Of course, her husband had known everything about her but that was because they had been together for so long. If Rain were suddenly available to her full time, that would be different. She knew, however, that if she had been honest about her identity and then turned around and unfriended her, Rain might feel offended. Instead, she denied it was her and Rain did exactly what she hoped she would do by automatically assuming it was the woman who terrorized her in her home state. She hated to put the fear into her once again, but she couldn’t think of any other temporary way into her account, which had proven to be a bit disappointing. She didn’t really learn anything all that new and exciting about her. Just a few pictures of her to download for her own personal pleasure. Rain was an open person who wasn’t shy and wasn’t afraid to discuss who and what she was about. A great deal of what she found in the account were things Rain had already told her.

Should she be appalled and disgusted with herself for the thoughts that were beginning to go through her head? Definitely. Yet no matter how hard she tried to turn off those thoughts - thoughts of eliminating Troy – they kept invading her brain. What would Rain do if he were suddenly gone? She hadn’t had time to make close friends in the area. Her other friends and family were far away, and so that left her. She at least hoped so anyway. She couldn’t be sure what Rain would do if she were suddenly alone, but she was pretty sure she would not want to keep the house. She realized that eliminating Troy, even if it was as simple as a snap of the fingers, could mean that Rain would simply put an ad in the paper for a roommate. It didn’t seem like anything she would do, but Julia could never know for sure and she wasn’t about to ask either because if she ever did act on her thoughts, Rain would remember that and she would be the first one she would suspect.


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