Chapter 15 in Rainstorm

  • June 30, 2022, 10:16 p.m.
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Julia thought about Rain all day at work. Rain was becoming like a drug to her. An addicting drug at best, too. The more she saw of Rain, the more she wanted to see her. She was baffled by herself. She hadn’t even felt this way with her husband. Did losing your other half after so many years normally do this to you? She knew she would miss Emmett and she knew she would be lonely. That much she totally expected. What she hadn’t expected was to have serious feelings for another person, especially a woman. She never minded being in the company of those that were attracted to the same sex; she just never could relate to it firsthand in the past.

But Rain fascinated her. She had an upbeat, bubbly personality now that she was in better health and a great sense of humor. Unlike Emmett, Rain was unpredictable, and she liked that. One may get comfortable knowing what to expect from some people, but they may also miss being pleasantly surprised. Well, Rain was definitely full of many unexpected surprises. Julia just never knew what she was going to do or say next.

She hated the long lonely nights and couldn’t wait to get to work since her patients made for a good distraction. But by the time she had seen two or three patients, she was anxious to get home, knowing she would probably meet with Rain. Evenings were the hardest because that’s when the loneliness really kicked in.

Then one day Rain came over and informed her that Troy would be going down to the L.A. area for a couple of days on business. The poor thing had not seemed happy at all. Rain hated to be alone. That much was obvious to Julia even though she tried to hide it. “You don’t have to be alone, you know,” she told Rain. “My door is always open to you.”

“Oh, thanks. That’s nice to know. I haven’t liked being alone for many years now. I don’t mind being alone during the daytime while Troy works because that way I work better. I concentrate better on things like cleaning the house, and it’s nice to have him out of the way when I’m doing stuff like that. I can think better when I’m writing and editing, too. But anything more than a day and I start to feel lonely and even depressed. Then there’s also the fact that the psycho has never been caught and is still out there, even though she doesn’t seem to know where we are.

“Well, mí casa es su casa.”

Rain expected Troy to be unhappy about it, but he didn’t seem to mind the idea of Rain staying across the street while he was gone at all. He was his usual understanding self, knowing that being left alone for too long would start to really play on Rain’s nerves.

Troy would only be gone for one night, and once the doctor returned from work, Rain would grab the few things she would need and head on over across the street.

She kissed her husband goodbye that morning, and now that she finally had a moment to herself, she decided to check out the doctor’s Facebook page in more depth. She hadn’t looked at it after accepting the friend request last night because she had other things on her mind.

The account was surprisingly empty. There were no pictures except for some nature pictures, and very few “likes” and other activity. It seemed that she spent most of the time on Facebook playing games than interacting with people. There were no family photos or anything like that visible to friends, but the doctor did strike her as a private kind of person.

When she saw Julia pull in across the street, she gathered her things and locked up the house after making sure that Simone had plenty of food and water. She almost felt guilty at the thought of leaving the cat. Simone didn’t like being alone any more than she did. But she also had a right to live her life and live it she would. The cat would understand and would be all the happier to see her in the morning.

“Hello there!” the doctor said in a very cheerful voice as she pulled her front door open.

“Hiya Doc. You still up for company?”

“I sure am.”

“How was work?” asked Rain as she placed her bag on a chair opposite the couch in the plant-filled living room.

“Same as usual. Some people are doing well, some people aren’t.”

“Well, I’m glad to say that one of your ex-patients is still doing well. She thanks you for the friend request, too.”

Julia froze a split second after popping open a can of diet soda, eyes flicking toward Rain. “What friend request?”

Then it was Rain’s turn to freeze. A slow chill spread throughout her body at the look of confusion on the doctor’s face. “Didn’t you send me a friend request on Facebook?”

“Nope, not at all.”

“Oh no,” said Rain with dread in her voice. “Just oh fucking no.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s her. It’s got to be. Look.” Rain pulled out her smartphone and accessed Facebook. She then held the phone out to Julia. “Are you saying this isn’t you?”

“No, that’s definitely not me. I have a Facebook account, but I only use it to play games. I’ll have to report this to Facebook right away.”

“This account doesn’t appear to be used much either. I thought it was weird that there were no photos of you or your family, but I just figured you were a private person in that way.”

Rain tossed the phone down on the couch and began to cry, not caring how she appeared at the moment, and just let it all out.

Julia gathered her into her arms and Rain soon felt her own arms wrap around the doctor’s slim waist. “It’s okay,” Julia ensured her. “It could be someone I know playing a sick joke, although I don’t know how they would have gotten ahold of your name. Either way, you’re with me. I’m here. You’re safe.”

Rain was surprised at how comforting the doctor’s arms felt around her. “I don’t think so,” she sobbed into her shoulder. “I really don’t. I think it’s her. At this point, I feel like I could move to the moon and she would still find me somehow. I don’t know who she is or how she’s managing to find out almost as much about me as God Himself knows. It makes me wonder if she’s somehow connected to law enforcement. Who else could find out so much information so fast?” She pulled back a few inches from the doctor. The doctor gazed at her with a look of concern as well as something else Rain wasn’t sure of.

“Are you going to contact the police?”

Rain shook her head. “I don’t think they’ll take me very seriously. Not without some evidence. It was different with the guy in the woods because there was not only a witness present, but he left some trace evidence, as they call it. A partial shoe print. But this woman has left absolutely nothing, Doc. Not a fingerprint, not a hair, not a fiber, not anything.”

Julia took the phone and placed it on a small table at the side of the couch and then she guided Rain onto the couch beside her. “What about Troy? You’ll tell him, won’t you?

Rain shook her head doubtfully. “That’s just the thing. It’s like he’s not totally sure what to believe. It’s like he thinks he does, but then he’s questioning me. The other night we actually got into an argument over this shit when he suggested that she could be a figment of my imagination brought on by the stress of the attack.

But who the hell imagines somebody with their former doctor’s name friending them?


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