Chapter 5 in Rainstorm

  • June 28, 2022, 6:57 p.m.
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Rain didn’t think she would be able to fall asleep that night after she had slowly climbed the two flights of stairs to the bedroom. She had walked as if she were in a trance. She felt completely trapped.

She was, however, surprised that the woman hadn’t touched her or made her service her in any way. Rain wasn’t sure she could handle being forced into that but figured it was only a matter of time before she was. Not that being forced to dress like a slut while the bitch got off on it wasn’t bad enough. But would she rather be forced into sex with this sicko, or would she rather refuse and have her run upstairs and shoot her sleeping husband?

The answer was obvious.

She was really worried about those pictures. They could be very damning indeed. She wouldn’t care if a stranger saw them, but how would she explain them to Troy if the bitch decided to share them with him before killing him first? Really, how trustworthy could this woman possibly be? She could renege on the “deal” all she wanted for all she knew.

She again racked her brains for a way around the situation, but once again, there simply seemed to be no way out. Not without knowing for sure if the woman was bluffing. All she could do was hope and pray that the woman would disappear soon enough.

She thought about killing her, but what if the woman wasn’t kidding when she said she had others that would retaliate and avenge her death? And just how would she dispose of her body anyway, and where?

If she were going to take any kind of action against the nutjob, she had to let Troy in on what had been going on, as much as she’d hate to share the sexual parts with him and tell him about the pictures. He too, would worry about their potential fate as well.

Rain then remembered the woman saying something about having secret devices hidden. Were there cameras throughout the house? Would the madwoman know it if she sent an email to someone mentioning what was going on?

Finally, sleep overtook her, cutting off her many questions, doubts and fears. But her sleep was anything but restful. Throughout the night she had a scattering of haunting dreams. Dreams of being chased down long dark tunnels by the madwoman. Of she and Troy being tied to a chair and held at gunpoint. All her fears played out in one nightmare after another.

When she woke up, she was surprised to find it was already 9:00. She usually didn’t sleep past 8:00.

Although she was still tired, she scurried out of bed and into the bathroom. When she was done, she headed downstairs to start the coffee brewing and feed the cat. Then she turned to face the basement door. Hand hesitating on the knob, she took a deep breath and turned.

Down the stairs she went. She listened for any sounds, but all she heard was the thump of her elevated heartbeat. She turned left and headed to the back corner where the couch was located. After a careful inspection of the area, she found absolutely no evidence that anyone had been there. The woman had left absolutely no traces of herself at all.

Come on, there’s got to be something, she thought to herself, afraid to voice her thoughts out loud, just in case.

Knowing she still had to get on with life and appear as if all was peachy, she retraced her steps and returned to the upstairs until she had completed her usual morning routine. She had no appetite but forced herself to eat a little oatmeal if only for the sake of keeping her energy up as long as she was going to be forced to participate in these late-night rendezvous. Then she pulled on her athletic wear and headed out for her run.

The mornings were getting cooler. The cooler weather was more comfortable to run in, but it was going to really suck once the roads were covered in snow and ice.

Back at the house a half-hour later, she showered and dressed in a T-shirt dress that fell to her knees. Then she fetched a flashlight and returned to the basement two floors below.

She scanned each and every crack and crevice she could see, but nothing unusual appeared to be amiss. She never found any notes or food wrappers or anything that might have been left behind that might help identify the woman, whoever she was.

She went back upstairs and did some online work. After that was done, she tried to think of ways to find out information in a way that wouldn’t let anyone in on what had been going on. The best way to do that, she concluded, was to comb the news archives some more. It would really help if she had a name. But since all she had was a face, she could only hope to come across the woman’s picture in a news article or something.

Certainly, this bitch was a known criminal. Someone had to know who she was. She wouldn’t just decide to start breaking into people’s houses overnight. Rain suspected she was running from someone, probably the police.

After two hours of research, the results yielded nothing. Rain couldn’t imagine what else she could do. It wasn’t like she could go to some crime forum and ask if a woman had broken into their basement to take X-rated pictures of them which they blackmailed them with.

Rain never felt more helpless and enslaved by the woman’s threats than she did now, knowing they could very well be acted upon if she didn’t comply with the demands.

“I guess I better behave and obey,” Rain said to the cat, which had come to rest by her feet.

She went about her day mechanically and tried to put all thoughts of the mystery woman aside. It was easier said than done, of course. She couldn’t help but wonder what she might be in for that night. A repeat of last night? Something worse?

She tried to take a nap late in the afternoon so that she would have more energy to cope with whatever may occur that night in the basement, a place she was fast coming to see as a sort of hell. Rain wondered what would happen if she refused to descend into that pit of hell. If she remained upstairs, would the crazy woman, after too much time had passed without her putting in her nightly appearance, dash up the stairs to shoot them?

Not wanting to find out, Rain did her best to act like everything was fine, though Troy was starting to catch on. “You okay, hun?” he asked later on.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You sure? You look a little… I don’t know… stressed?”

Rain nodded. “Yeah, got some long and difficult proofreading jobs lately,” she lied, “where they want you to be very specific.”

“Well, as always, if you get sick of it, you can take a break. We have plenty of money.”

“I know. Thanks, babe,” she said with a smile. Wanting to steer the subject away from herself, she asked him about work.

“Working on a big account actually. I didn’t want to say anything because I don’t want to get your hopes up any more than my own, but we could be looking at some serious money here.”

“Oh, good.”

“The only possible negative is that I might have to travel at times,” Troy said.

Rain’s smile dropped, though her husband didn’t appear to notice as he made himself comfortable in front of the TV. If he had to travel, that would mean she would be left alone at the mercy of the madwoman. But wouldn’t that also mean Troy might be a little safer? After all, she couldn’t just run upstairs and shoot him if he wasn’t there, right?

After they watched TV following dinner, as they usually did, they headed upstairs to the bedroom. Sex was usually reserved for weekends, something Rain was glad for since she simply didn’t have the energy to focus on that right now.

Midnight took forever to come but also seemed to sneak up on her much too fast. Go on, she pushed herself. Just get it over with so you can go to bed knowing you saved your husband’s life and your reputation, even if you’ll always hate how you had to do it.

Once again Rain slipped on her robe and descended into the basement where she once again hoped the woman would not be present.

But once again she was.

“Welcome, my dear,” said the drab and creepy-looking woman who wore the same dark shirt and jeans with the same jacket and shoes. “Tonight, I have all kinds of kinky fun planned for us.”

Rain suddenly reached up and pulled the light string, casting the room in a light brighter than any natural daylight could manage to squeeze through the narrow windows on even the sunniest of days.

She expected the woman to go ballistic on her. Instead, she said, “Your dear sweet little hubby can’t see light two floors away, can he?” As if Rain had agreed aloud, she went on with, “So then why not light the way to our fun?”

In silence, both women studied each other, one with disgust and fear, the other with lust and delight.

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