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  • June 5, 2022, 2:22 p.m.
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I just bought a Cirkul. I am testing it out hoping to drink these flavors to cut down on drinking sugary drinks. Any flavors y’all can suggest for me to try?

Jodie June 05, 2022

Is this what you are talking about?
For me it's just like buying water in a bottle and then adding whatever flavor you want. I think water would be better but if it's not too expensive and you can afford it after a few years then go for it.

*_* Jodie ⋅ June 05, 2022

This is what I am talking about

Jodie *_* ⋅ June 05, 2022

Oh Is it expensive?

*_* Jodie ⋅ June 05, 2022

I paid $20 for the starter pack. A bottle and 2 flavor packs. Each flavor packs have 10 servings of flavor. If you buy flavors individually they are $3.75 a piece. I am trying to cut back drinking excess soda.

Jodie *_* ⋅ June 05, 2022

I hope these are not addictive...

Not So Mighty Porg June 05, 2022

Look up how to take apart the flavor cartridges. I’ve seen so many complaints that the flavors don’t last long. But you can take the empty flavor pack and fill it with your own flavoring. Lots of people use mio. Would also probably save money.

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