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“I can shower by myself now,” Carissa said that night.

“I know but I like helping you.”

“I’m sure you do,” said Carissa with a knowing smile.

Flora flashed a smile. “And just how does the lovely lady feel about that?”

Carissa shrugged. She wanted to be honest but she also didn’t want to hurt the nurse’s feelings. “Honestly?”

Flora nodded.

“I like you a lot and it’s not that I don’t appreciate all that you’ve done for me. Really, I’m forever in your debt.”


“But I don’t know if I could ever see you that way.”

“How do you know if you don’t try?”

“How do you know I’m not trying?”

“I mean trying to move onto an intimate level.”

Carissa considered it in her mind again but still felt both unsure and also a bit trapped.

“I don’t want to pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do,” Flora said wrapping her arms around her, “but I can promise you one thing.”

“What’s that?” Carissa asked.

“As soon as you say the word, I’ll stop. I don’t think you will, but I promise you right here and now that I’ll stop without hesitation or any kind of argument on my part.”

Carissa pondered Flora’s words.

“Swear it?”

“Swear it.”

“You won’t put a guilt trip on me?”

“Nope. Not at all.”

Carissa took her shower that evening and allowed herself to be led into Flora’s bedroom. It was a beautiful room. Aquamarine curtains hung in the windows. A 3-D comforter of a digital split-ocean print adorned the bed. Vanilla oak dressers were decorated with jewelry boxes, semi-erotic figurines, and flowers. To say the room was beautiful in both a stylish and unique kind of way was an understatement. Carissa wouldn’t go so far as to say that Flora was eccentric in any way, but she definitely wasn’t what she’d imagined her to be.

She shivered as Flora removed the towel that had been wrapped around her and dropped it to the floor.

“Cold?” Flora asked.

She was but she was also a touch nervous.

“Just relax. You’re not going to regret this.”

Carissa doubted it as she watched Flora slowly undress. The woman was too thin with absolutely no muscle tone at all. It was amazing that she could even assist her as well as she did. Her body definitely wasn’t as nice as her eyes and her smile. Better to have a nicer face than body, though, because that’s what people saw most.

Next, she was guided onto the bed. Flora climbed onto the bed next to her.


Carissa nodded. She still wasn’t sure this was what she wanted but she didn’t feel uncomfortable either.

Flora began to kiss her.

Not bad.

Then she slowly moved down to caress her much fuller breasts as opposed to Flora’s barely existent ones.

Still not bad but not exactly stimulating neither.

Until she got to the sensitive area between her legs. It felt so good that she doubted she could have kept herself from getting off if she wanted to. She was genuinely surprised with how good it felt and also by how quickly Flora was able to release her. She was glad that Flora found just as much satisfaction in taking care of her as she had felt because she definitely didn’t want to have to feel obligated to return the pleasure. Therefore, a two in one of sorts was fine with her, even if she was being a bit selfish.

“Pretty surprised, aren’t you?” Flora said in both a seductive and teasing voice afterward.

Carissa couldn’t deny that she was. However, she still wasn’t sure that she wanted an actual relationship with this woman. There were still some things about her that bothered her, especially the way she had shoplifted. If they had been starving and homeless and she had stolen some food, that would be one thing. But they had a nice house, Flora had more money than she needed from what she could see, and what she had stolen definitely hadn’t been food.

Carissa had a hard time bringing herself to wear the panties she had stolen. She felt guilty when she wore them even though she hadn’t been the one to steal them and even if it wouldn’t exactly bankrupt the store they had been stolen from.

When Flora asked why she hadn’t worn them, Carissa was quick to tell her the truth. Where she thought Flora would feel regretful and understanding, instead she came off as irritated and even offended.

“It’s not just that. They don’t quite fit right, and well, we talked about how I would want to pick out some things myself, didn’t we?”

“Why don’t you consider them a gift? Besides, they are definitely your size.”

“I just told you why. Do you want me to lie to you?”

Flora gazed at her coldly. “I thought you would be more appreciative.”

“Sorry, Flora. I don’t appreciate it when someone commits crimes.” Realizing that Flora’s anger was growing and not wanting to have to deal with it, Carissa tried a different tactic. This way she could hope to appease Flora without lying. “Flora, honey, it’s more that I worry about you getting into trouble. You could have been caught and arrested. What good would I be with you in jail? How would I get along without you? Where would I go? We both know it would be very hard for me to live on my own.”

It worked. The ice in Flora’s eyes melted. “Oh, babe, I’m so sorry. You’re right. Even though I have connections that probably would’ve helped me out of it if I’d been caught, you’re so very right. I promise not to take such risks in the future. You won’t lose me, sweetie. You’re stuck with me.”

Carissa thought how she wasn’t so sure she liked being stuck with any more than she liked the idea of her not shoplifting again in the future as the tall slender nurse rubbed noses with her affectionately.

Carissa lay awake in the dark that night as Flora slept beside her. All was still and quiet except for the soft rhythmic breathing coming from Flora. Her mind, however, was anything but still and quiet. It was full of worry and uncertainty. She felt totally stuck and unsure of what to do. Just because Flora hadn’t forced her to have sex with her earlier didn’t mean that she didn’t feel pressured and basically trapped. If she stayed with Flora she would have an easier life so long as Flora didn’t harm her or do anything that could get herself arrested.

On the flipside, staying with Flora would make her feel like she was settling. She didn’t want to stay with Flora but she didn’t want to leave either. Not unless she could move to a comfortable place where she could make ends meet. She would rather be alone and not have any extra money than live with someone who didn’t treat her as well even if they lavished her with all kinds of gifts, stolen and not.

She found herself wishing she had someone to confide in. It was even harder not having at least some kind of unbiased person she could go to for advice. She didn’t feel comfortable talking to anyone at the rehab/daycare center. They were there to help make her stronger, not to play counselor.

Carissa felt very alone at the moment. Anyone that could have helped her was dead or had long since forgotten her. She had no one that could help her get established independently if that’s what she decided she wanted.

She was still catching up on modern technology and learning about social media and all that. Where one’s only option used to be to put an ad in some kind of local paper if they were looking for friends, relationships or whatever, now she could simply set up an and meet people at the click of a button. But how would she meet them if she didn’t drive? Flora wouldn’t want strangers coming to the house. She understood that much. She would definitely prefer to meet them in a public setting anyway until she got to know them. But somehow, she had a feeling that this would make Flora jealous, and she had a problem with jealousy. It was a true sign of instability and it made her very uncomfortable to be around people that were that way. But despite the fact that jealous people could be the most dangerous kinds of people there were, she had to start meeting some people somehow. Meeting people at the daycare and hanging with Flora’s friends wasn’t enough. She would definitely set up some accounts on social media and start getting to know some people in her area.

She was still undecided as to what she should do in the meantime. Was the twenty-second orgasm really worth leading Flora on? Other than when she was actually climaxing she really didn’t feel comfortable with the whole arrangement and she still didn’t want to lie to Flora either. Flora still had feelings and she didn’t want to hurt her.

Flora had a laptop and she had a smartphone. Flora had already helped her to set up a Facebook account but she didn’t think that would be a good place to start. Remembering that Flora had told her about a few different sites that were good for asking questions and getting advice, not that it would always be accurate, she asked where the best place to meet local people for friends would be. Much to her amazement and delight, she received several answers relatively fast.

Since it was simple enough to sign up, she did so on a couple of different sites.

Later on, she told Flora about it and asked if she would be willing to drive her to meet anybody she might want to meet so that they didn’t have to come to the house. As she feared might be the case, Flora was anything but happy to learn about her quest for new friends, unable to understand why she wasn’t enough for her.

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