Cat who robs sleep,car repair,gay pride in ?

  • June 4, 2022, 6:17 a.m.
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I want so badly to go back to sleep yet here I am staring at the ceiling while Ziggy the black Siamese cries and scratches on the door screaming My husband gave them food and water their litter box is clean. Ziggy is throwing a fit because how dare I remove Ziggy from the bedroom because he thought chewing plastic when I tried to sleep was a great idea for entertainment. Ziggy’s behavior resulted in the removal of Harley Quinn,Ash and Coal from my bedroom as well. If I get lucky Ziggy might give me a break and let me sleep.

My car yesterday got low on oil. We took it to a mechanic. We have arranged an appointment for Tuesday for the mechanic to fix it. This car is in both me and my mother’s name. My mom and I plan to get it fixed my husband Talan was looking at used cars saying my 2008 Impala retired police interceptor was a piece of junk. I have had it since 2020. Yesterday is my 2 year anniversary of owning the vehicle. I only paid $3000 for it originally. I have got stuff fixed here and there but considering how many miles it has I think it does well. My husband tried to convince mom we needed a new car. My mom is 66 I told him not to trap her in a debt she would spend rest of her life paying. Mom is retired. She doesn’t need the added stress of a car payment. She needs my cars fix to get from point a to point b. Nothing fancy.

Me, my husband Talan and mom plan to go to a gay pride today. It goes from 12-6. Mom made the comment I am dragging her into Sodom and Gomorrah. I told her these people are a minority rejected because of who they love if she wanted to be a good mom write free mom hugs on a shirt and tell these children they are loved. I told mom these people were dismissed by a church that is supposed to love them. They we’re rejected by families for trying to figure out who they are. Instead being a hypocrite be there to support them. God will deal with their souls later. Don’t let a gay person have to kill theirselves for not finding love and support for being who they are. Kindness and love are the highest energies. Let go of the hate and simply be the change we need in this world. These people are someone’s children. You don’t have to be gay to tell them they are loved. I am an LGBTQIA ally. I will never have a gay wedding but I will happily walk someone down the aisle who is getting married. Gay or straight doesn’t matter if I got to I will get ordained to arrange marriage for happy families. I don’t care their sexuality. I don’t care if it’s a same sex or hetero union everyone deserves to have the right to be a family. Love is Love!

Ziggy quit scratching if I am lucky I might get a few more minutes of sleep before mom wakes up.

Last updated June 04, 2022

Beret June 04, 2022

Please don't go to a gay pride parade to see the "poor" people.

*_* Beret ⋅ June 04, 2022

I go to pride to support them. They are not a tourist attraction they are people with hopes and dreams I want to support their dreams to be treated as equals.

Beret *_* ⋅ June 04, 2022

My comment could have been written more clearly. I'm only objecting to your use of the word "poor" to describe LGBTQ people. It comes across as they need to be pitied.

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